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TV has changed a lot in my I can watch whatever I want whenever I want! It's a little overwhelming, that's why I love this website. Thanks to other people who like shows that I like, I have discovered all kinds of series I might not have ever discovered. Thanks SideReel! Thanks to everyone who contributes!

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I took a class in college called theater appreciation so let me tell you this show has every thing, but you MUST watch it from season 1 episode 1...good plot, good story-line, likable characters. This is Batman done right!

The Big Bang Theory

This show is very good! Likable cast of misfits who are just like us!

The Americans

Having grown up in the eighties, this show really appeals to me. I especially enjoy 80's references like Columbia House Records, Mars bars and, of course, Ronald Reagan speeches. Kind of gritty, but an awesome show!