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Kkravy I love great stories. I obsessively watch TV, and love feel good movies where the good guy always wins.

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Awesome Shows That Were Canceled

10 Shows

Less than three seasons to binge watch! ;)



Defying Gravity

Here's another great Sci-Fi show that was canceled too soon!

This show had a great Lost aspect to it: telling a story, while continuously jumping back in time to tell back-story and create character development. The actors/characters were amazing! Really well written, with a weird supernatural element.

It ended without any answers/clarity, which was such a killer. I would have loved to see this show play out.


There's no such thing as "over hyping" this show.
It was unique, extremely well written, funny, serious, and had phenomenal character development. It's rare to fall in love with a show so quickly...but Firefly was just that good.

In one sentence or less: this show is about cowboys in space.

More sentences: the story is, our heroes were one the wrong side of a war for political independence. The show takes place in the future, where Earth is either no longer inhabitable, or was destroyed. Humanity has taken to space, where the Alliance is the governing body that rules all. Problem is, they ignore the outer, poorer planets, creating a power vacuum that turns these territories into the "wild west".
The show's heroes are the good "bad guys" --the Robin Hoods of space. They steal from the big baddies, and work illegal jobs on these outer planets as smugglers (think Han Solo).
I would give this show a shot even if you're not a Sci-Fi/Fantasy lover. Even though the show takes place in space, it's not really about that. There are no aliens, and it's more political/actiony than anything.

5 stars!!


Loved it while it was on-air. Recently tried to go back and re-watch, and it was painful. Super awkward and stilted. Couldn't get through the first episode!

I think at the time it was incredibly novel to have a Sci-Fi Teen Show. I loved the characters and thought they were perfectly dramatic and funny. It got weird later in the seasons (with the Skins), but I really liked it at the time.