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The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a heavy-set, slow drama that does not give you any clearcut clues to where the story is heading. After the day of the Rapture – the sudden vanishing of 2% of the world population – the leftovers (in this case, the town of Mapleton) have to deal with their broken lives in uncertain times..The event has clearly had an impact on society and its religious beliefs – although the sudden vanishing is not perse biblical, the consequences are huge anyway . In short, the show paints a gloomy picture, featuring a beautiful soundtrack by Max Richter, that sets an atmospheric tone.


One of the most haunting, frightful and cinematographically beautiful series I have seen in a long time. The series serves as a prelude to the Hannibal films, starring Hugh Dancy as the gifted criminal investigator Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as the brilliant Lecter.

Whilst trying to solve crimes with Lecter at his side, Graham is steered into an psychological turmoil as he tries to get into the killer's mind. Lecter continuously seems to escape as a suspect, but is found out later by Graham. The series picks up bits and pieces from the storyline of Red Dragon, but introduces new character as wells, like Bedelia du Maurier (Gillian Anderson), Lecter's psychotherapist . Deserving of a revival!

Penny Dreadful

Frightfully dark gothic period-series set in Victorian London. Good amount of scares in season 1, after a while the story becomes a bit forced introducing all the monsters. Eva Green is great tho!