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The Feels

24 Shows

I'm fine. I just got something in my eye.

Share on Anime Night

65 Shows

I have an Anime/cartoon show night with my friends. These are show I want to watch with them.


33 Shows

These shows involve some brain-work, but they're totally worth it.

Done Done Done

155 Shows

These are shows that I've watched every episode of and there not making any more. Nothing short of are resurrection will give any more.

Now We Wait

10 Shows

Ether these shows must be dubbed, or Netflix should get with it. Whatever the issue is, I will wait more or less patiently for these shows to become available in the…


69 Shows

Shows current available on Netflix. Might be waiting for next season.

Crime and Justice

76 Shows

FBI, CIA, NSA, NCIS, NYPD and so on. The point is the law was broken and Justice should be served.

Toon Time

84 Shows

Anything can happen in a cartoon, and sometime I just don't feel like looking at actual peoples' faces.

I Give UP

16 Shows

These shows I ether have completely lost interest in, or there is not the availability to finish. Ether way, I don't want to see them in my tracker anymore.

On the Fence

27 Shows

Shows I'm not sure about yet. I've tried them but I'm not hooked, and need to give one last try.