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The Americans

Well written series of behind the doors exploits of 1980s Cold War era spies and their handlers. Authentic and masterful use of technology available in the period when espionage was more hands on and face to face. Incorporates real historical events within the stories of the lives of spies married with children trying to blend into normalcy while in enemy territory.

Fascinating to watch (and remember for older viewers) how both sides lived and worked in clandestine plots to uncover secrets before the digital age. Each show builds its characters whose lives depend on a game of wits and sometimes challenging whose side are they really on. Americans and Russians both believing they were right and that what they did could tip the balance of power.

Dead to Me

Love this show with older female actors for a change of pace, dealing with life & death issues as many do. Quirky comedy on the dark side but with lightheartedness. Not for eveyone but worth a try if you like good acting & unexpected script turns.

Russian Doll

Funny quirky deep comedy about life and death. Story line has unexpected turns and interesting character interactions. Hope this one lives on for another season.