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Natasha Salter



A to Z

I cant help but see it as a drawn out 500 days of Summer even down to the narration. Its not terrible, its tolerable, but is that what you really want from a show?

Manhattan Love Story

Compared to a couple other of the romantic shows that have been premiered recently - A to Z, You're the Worst - Manhattan Love Story has this brutally honest reality to it. I hope like You're the Worst, the network sees the promise of the show and renews it for a second season.


With some of the lack luster comedies this year I was a little bit skeptical about Younger, I'd seen a couple previews but decided to wait a few weeks then play catch up. After binge watching the first 6 episodes I actually screamed at my computer because I had to wait a week until the next one aired!!

The characters are really well written and the comedy is on point. There is a definite Sex and the City feel to it (both Darren Star works) but without so much of Carries self deprecation. Glad that this has been picked up for Series 2 as it keeps getting better.