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It took me a few episodes to fully warm up to this show, but I'm unashamed to say I'm hooked now! I'd have to really sit and think of another show where the lead can really be considered a bad guy (you know, since drug lords are typically high on that list in TV lol), but you find him compelling and care about him regardless.

Power is dark and can get pretty violent, but I'm always on the edge of my seat. I think the writing is just so tight--it absolutely tops my list when it comes to shows where more is going on than meets the eye. In fact, the penultimate episode in the second season? I was literally on my feet, shocked at the end. I think I might have thrown something on the floor, I was so overwhelmed by what I was seeing lol. To be honest, I didn't think I could be more surprised until the promo for the finale episode started rolling. It was like: "Really!? You're going to try to top that next week!?" Power is absolutely among my top TV picks.

Marvel's Agent Carter


Agent Carter is an awesome mix of two of my favourite genres: action/adventure and period pieces. It has tons of the elements I love in both, like great fight scenes and incredible texture (i.e., period costumes and sets).

I'll be honest and say that I was drawn to try this show because of Captain America and The Avengers films, but Agent Carter really holds my attention all on her own. I love that she's sharp, independent and has sass. In every episode, I'm excited to watch her take-downs, especially since she's constantly underestimated.

Personally, I think this show slays Agents of SHIELD, which didn't even touch my expectations when it came out. Highly recommend!