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Veronica Mars

Ultimate girlpower right here. She's just a teen, and half the school (town even) hates her, but that doesn't stop her. Nope. She investigates crimes - big, small and huge, like a boos! :D
Love this show - and the movie! :D


Good show, with lots of excitement. It's a cool storyline, and I like the agency-mashup in the house. One thing I do have some trouble with though, is the fact that they've got so much going on at the same time, it sometimes feels like, the show it self has forgotten some of it's loose ends.. although it seems like they being tied up along the way.. maybe just a little to far along the way.. this is not a deal breaker though.. it's still a good show


Great show, I really liked the girl-power theme of this show, and the way Nikitas need for revenge, because of what was done to her, was made in to a fight for justice is great.