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Long wait for a series like this, thriller , crime , suspense, since the first episode keeps you breathless . The debut of Kevin Bacon in television in the role of former FBI agent Ryan Hardy is promising and the role suits him , as James Purefoy in the teacher's role became a serial killer big fan of writer Edgar Allan Poe , has a special charm ptr attract enough fans ptr finish his evil of his works . A psychological thriller that keeps you in suspense every minute of the 15 episodes of the serial unu.Un season not to be missed . Before looking at the serial should read some of the stories of Edgar Allan Poe .


A serial stunningly comical crazy moments but also moments quite dramatic! I would revisit anytime with pleasure. Those who have loved Alan Alda recommend his memoir, "Do not you ever stuffed dog" where you can find plenty of traditional ingredients of this successful series! More than a film "sweet" or funny, warm MASH talks about conflicts during the Cold War.
So MASH manages to coalesce views of American society during the war in Vietnam, we talk about the Korean War. Show fascination lies precisely in the fact that he chooses to deal with a problematic topic in an intense period issue, and does it with humor, irony and subtle imagination.
When there was no escape, saving the absurd becomes the only real solution.
An American serial that, unlike many others, can be understood in several notes at different levels and with different shades, MASH worth seeing even 20 years after the Cold War. I cried, I laughed, I waited, I rushed, in a word captivated me.
A special humor, excellent actors, continuity concept. Under fire bombings field hospital is operating normally.
"Hot Lips" is to add color.
But her mere presence makes the morale of the wounded to be high. Sometimes it raises morale surgeon who has always conflicts because they do not appreciate the humor, though sometimes Hawkeye try his tactics typical of her but without success because Major Burns, which he represented in film as a soldier typical career lacking medical or military qualities and knowledge and her lover Hot Lips- Hulahan's known though is married to his village and his mind goes very slowly (if it go?), or is even fooled! I grew up with acst series. I would like very much to see it again.

Breaking Bad

Perhaps the idea that initiated this film is revolutionary, maybe some situations are predictable and can find minuses along the way but what makes this series to be so good is in the most part is 'absurd realism' 'that proves most often. Heroes series go through situations, personal crises, integrates seamlessly landscape or conversations and you see yourself as a mere spectator starring them if you are in their midst. Black humor of the script is not constant but change the rhythm at times overwhelming that you require plot development. 'Breaking Bad' is not '' recipe '' Hollywood, people are not simply good and bad. The series offers a '' whole range of gray '' morality moments ambiguous and witnessing the breakup of principles, a transformation (in the case of Walt) that attack the cancer more decisively than himself. It would be a lot to talk about this show but what can be said without any doubt is that you're in front of the screen and makes you really want the next episode. What ultimately is the goal of every film of this kind is not it? Enjoy!