Show List: A list of shows I just don't 'get' despite them being either critically acclaimed or popular worldwide!.

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I don't *get* these shows. Wildly popular, some have amazing critical acclaim - Mad Men, I'm looking at you, yet I can't watch more than a couple of episodes and I'm distracted the entire time. Apart from Baywatch, I just can't believe I'm not watching the rest of them. Maybe in a few years...until then I'll concentrate on the shows I really like and the ones I absolutely love. If one of your faves is here, no offense meant. I *know* they're good, they're just not for me...

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Guilty Pleasures - only one allowed per member... :)

Come close, whisper in my ear and tell me the one show you will never admit to loving, not to your family, friends, co-workers, not even your spouse. You may even watch it online because your partner (damn her/him) shares your TIVO or just because, like me, you like having a secret show to watch. Tell all here, and I swear I will add each one into the list. I promise, only you, me and
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HATED every moment of this show...

I know some of these shows are just adored all over the world but they're not for offense meant...
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Jun 12, 2016 11:01PM EDT

I guess you could call this a blacklist? It looks like Supergirl, Quantico, and Blacklist would all fit well in the collection.

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Jun 13, 2016 9:58AM EDT

As always Zane, you make me laugh so much! :D

Yeah, I suppose Quantico should go in there but I have a feeling that you'd need to get a Qantas flight then drag me away from the screen when next season is on, I'll grumble and be bored but...!!! Invasion of the Quantico-zombies!!! lolol

I adore The Blacklist, don't even try and get between me and James Spader's Fedora!!!!! :D

Supergirl, I haven't seen, is it really that bad....? Must have a look.

But you're right, that is a very good alternative list be used at a later date *cackles*

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Jan 11, 2017 2:32PM EST

Oh, God, why Hannibal? I absolutely loved that show and though it had a lot of talking philosophical scenes, it did have some action. Maybe I was too busy shipping lead characters , but it did tell some amazing story (though you have to be able to read subcontext.)

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