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I rarely meet a show I don't track... :D I have lists galore as I love all genres of tv, but, hey, it means I never run out of shows! I've found even more shows to watch through some amazing sidereelers' lists! Starting conversations with lists is one of my favorite things about sidereel. I love how we can all love or hate a show yet still have a friendly chat. You'll find me dashing around the site, leaving friendly comments on reviews, shows, lists and articles. <3

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1. Show, Show, come back, Show! I miss our weekly episodes together... add your own to the list. : )

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If only our favorite shows could last forever...if your show hasn't been canceled (that's a whole 'nother list!) but has ended and you still miss it, then this is the…

Oh no, they canceled this show!?! Why, why? How could they? Add your show(s) here...

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For all of us who have loved and lost our favorite TV shows to the Cancellation Monsters, here is a list in progress. Whether you liked the show, enjoyed it or are…



Stranger Things

Wow! Fabulous, binge watched this and loved every single second. So many '80s pop culture references, E.T, Firestarter, Stand by Me. If you, like me, grew up in the 80s, this is a must see! Next season, please, Netflix! :)

The Handmaid's Tale

“It’s not only a feminist story, it’s also a human story.” Margaret Atwood, 2017 Think this can't happen? Just watch. What's extraordinary and horrifying is how current its issues are to all of us. THT pulls no punches - or slaps (Atwood cameo).Exposition is done brilliantly in the form of Elisabeth Moss' flashbacks and narration. Heard and seen only by the viewer, her thoughts help us understand what is happening, has happened and how. I'm only just at the start of episode two but this is an extraordinary show, one that will stay in my mind for a very long time. As has the book.

“It’s not only a feminist story, it’s also a human story.” Margaret Atwood, 2017


Really enjoy it, a new take on the police procedural. The tattoos themselves are a spectacularly original plot twist, as is the main character's - well, no spoiler's. Watch and see, you might like it! :)