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Mondays, 10:00 PM EST on CBS
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1 Seasons, 13 Episodes
60 Minutes
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INTELLIGENCE is a dramatic thriller starring Josh Holloway as a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain.

User Reviews

by Emma J. M. Svensson

Apr 15, 2015 1:29 PM EDT

Being a huge fan of Josh Holloway, mostly from "Lost", I was super excited about this show from the start and it really didn't disappoint (except maybe for the fact that it only got about half a season..). It's about Gabriel Vaughn, a great soldier who was the test person for a new technology - a microchip in the brain allowing the person to connect to the internet with your mind. It has obvious ties to "Chuck", but it is a little more serious and, in my opinion, a lot more badass.

Gabriel is assigned a "bodyguard", Riley, and their chemistry is awesome! It is so obvious that if the show would have gotten picked up they would have become such a good power couple. The show really had a lot of heart and showed Gabriel dealing with his missing wife (or girlfriend, I can't remember if they were married) and a lot of mystery surrounding that.

I am so very upset that the show got cancelled, it looked great and had the best balance between "cases" and personal drama (drama surrounding the main characters). I recommend everyone to watch the show, especially if you were a fan of "Chuck", but keep in mind that it's a short run.

by scotwot

Jun 10, 2016 3:37 PM EDT

So mad that this got cancelled, why couldn't they just have given it another season to get even better!!!!! Okay, rant over. :)

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