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My name is Deanna. I'm 19 and from Florida.I love TV and movies. I just wish I had more time to sit down and watch everything. I'm a college student, so my time is limited. I like to have an equal balance of comedy, drama, action, and mystery. I watch too many shows at once to ever finish one, but my sanity is worth it. Feel free to follow my twitter, let's chat there! @talgikiwii

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2 Shows

I love these shows to the moon and back ♥



I believe this is the only animated show I ever watched anally. I sat in front of the TV, knowing exactly when a new episode would come out, and watched it with so much enthusiasm. Comedic, emotional, spiritual, and overall just an amazing show. Love it and highly recommend to ANYONE.

Highly recommend to anyone over 18 who doesn't mind seeing an array of nipples. This is my favorite show. It's got a genius way of moving along with the central plot while providing intriguing back-stories for the characters. Every episode has some insight into why your favorite characters are in prison, as well as the motives they have for acting the way they do. The plot is almost open for interpretation in a way. I think it's absolutely genius and a PERFECT combination of drama and comedy.

This was so bad. Don't even bother.