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Future Man

It's refreshing to have a comedy/sci-fi show with unexpected situations, a fun feel to it, with action and plenty of great references. Binged the whole season! Of course, it can sometimes be easy jokes or a bit juvenile, but they aren't afraid to go all the way to what we might sometimes wish would happen in these types of comedy, action or time travel scenarios they cooked up. I liked that they don't always take things seriously and just go with it, for laughs, be it cheesy or inapriopriate or otherwise. There is a feel to this show that the creators wanted something fun, and at least for me, it worked! I really enjoyed watching it and hope they get a second season!

SEASON 2 UPDATE: Loved it, and once again binged the whole thing. They concentrated more on one story, keeping a good flow throughout the entire season. They stayed true to their style and humor, maybe a bit less crude than season 1.
The ending just makes us want more, giving a sneak peek at what season 3 will be, and I for one can't wait, I can feel it's going to be epic!