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Gosh... it was sooo good. I haven't read the series but there are some parts where you may roll your eyes. Overall though a pretty good binge watch for a day if you're into that!! It's really good!!

I normally don't watch series over again, but I decided to... Gilmore Girls brought back a lot of love and hope with this revival. But I do have to say... the only person who didn't get the ending I wanted was Rory. I'm disappointed in what happened with the plot, but I hope for everyone's sake the Palladinos (writers and producers) come back to make a part two. Otherwise, this will literally be a disappointment for me and the series.

I absolutely love this show. It's pretty good and i enjoy it a lot. I got my nails done the same shape as her and color and now I feel like I have a part of Agent Carter with me XD