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Virgin River

When I fist started watching this series, I thought this was another Hallmark tv series (which I hate). But, believe it or not, it's more than that. There are some Hallmarky moments, but there's a lot more interesting deeper drama in this series that makes it really entertaining. Most of the characters are round rather than flat (ie. they have more to their personality and lives than presented in the series), and the writing is pretty good. If you're looking for something to get you through a boring weekend, this is pretty good. Try not to put too much stock into the logistics of the episodes when it comes to the medical stuff though. It's honeslty a feel-good show with realistic life drama thrown in. If the first episode doesn't hook you, watch the second one and then make the decision to love it or hate it. If you liked Hart of Dixie, you'll enjoy this show.

Gosh... it was sooo good. I haven't read the series but there are some parts where you may roll your eyes. Overall though a pretty good binge watch for a day if you're into that!! It's really good!!

I normally don't watch series over again, but I decided to... Gilmore Girls brought back a lot of love and hope with this revival. But I do have to say... the only person who didn't get the ending I wanted was Rory. I'm disappointed in what happened with the plot, but I hope for everyone's sake the Palladinos (writers and producers) come back to make a part two. Otherwise, this will literally be a disappointment for me and the series.