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I adored Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and this show certainly had big shoes to fill. Whilst I miss Essie's charm, beauty, and class, the casting for this new spin-off series is amazing! I have thoroughly enjoyed the plot both surrounding the murders and with the reoccurring characters' storylines. That being said, I need more episodes/seasons! Episode 4 left a lot open for the show to continue and it did not satisfy viewers I am sure!

This is a thought-provoking, poignant and informative show offering a great deal of insight into the real past and the past that could have been. Many connections can be drawn from this show into contemporary events and politics and their impact on wider societal behavior and ideology. It is crazy to me that we live in the year 2020 where Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders endures antisemitism at his rallies and offices, most recently in Flordia. This show has wonderful acting, including from the child actors – shout out to the casting director. Each character is very well defined and has depth to them and they are entirely believable. I also enjoy the set design, costumes, music, old news footage clips, and pieces of factual historical events/people thrown in with the fictional storyline.

Spoiler: For example, Operation Claymore and more nuanced bits like at the Consulate General of Canada mentioning agriculture experience, personal wealth, or familial connections as the only ways in which the family could move there. In WWII it was even more difficult for European Jews to immigrate to Canada.

My only complaint is with the title, as America does not just been the USA, America includes Canada, Mexico, etc. or at least that's what I was taught in Canadian elementary school education.

Modern Love

I really hope they make another season! Each episode carried emotion, garnered empathy, and passed on multiple messages/lessons. It was a privilege to watch a show where so much care and effort had been put into the script, acting, and direction/filming. Sensitive topics were conveyed with great attention to detail and no overdramatization. The realistic aspect to each episode helped to make the show as special as it is. Each episode except the last do not need to be watched in any specific order but watch the last episode LAST. I do not believe there was a single episode where I didn't cry at some point or the ending.