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I love TV. 'Nough Said. Screenwriter in the making.

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Standout Cop Dramas

5 Shows

Most were cut short after first season. People have no taste.

Series I've seen that most people haven't.

38 Shows

Some of these will be so obscure you've most likely never heard of them. Most were canceled after one season, or just a few episodes even. But I've seen them all, of…

Favorite Series of All space&time

22 Shows

My favorite shows ever.

Unscripted Shows at their Best

10 Shows

Competition shows, Gameshows, Reality shows, etc

Shows that I can't stand

13 Shows

Usually because they use depict rape and sexual violence against women in a medium meant for entertainment. Other shows, like Walking Dead, are just awful.

Shows I'd like to catch up on -- eventually

7 Shows

Started watching these and lost interest along the way, or just havent been in the mood to continue watching.

Mystery Dramas at their Best

26 Shows

A Personal list of my favorite detective/mystery dramas

Fantasy Dramas At their Best

9 Shows

A Personal List of my favorite serialized Fantasy dramas. Does NOT include Game of Thrones