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Most were cut short after first season. People have no taste.



This review is based on the two hour pilot for The Shannara Chronicles (two n's one r) which aired on January 5th, 2015.

Holy, wow. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have thought that it was possible to bring such an unbelievable production to a TV format. The Shannara Chronicles has the set design, costume design, CG, concept art and character writing of a super high-budget hollywood movie. You can REALLY tell just how much work was put into it, and frankly, it's pretty spectacular. Produced and directed by the same team that did the breathtaking action series "Into the Badlands" on AMC earlier this year, The Shannara Chronicles is the return of the fantasy adventure that the current TV landscape was severely lacking. Not since The Legend of The Seeker has there been a fantasy epic gracing our TV's but with the Shannara Chronicles, and the upcoming Xena remake, fantasy will once again take hold on our screens. Production value and aesthetic aside, I found the Shanarra Chronicles very enjoyable. I am not familiar with the books in any capacity, but the setting wasn't too distant from your traditional fantasy world, and most of the rules of magic seem to hold true so it was easy to get into and accept. It takes place in the future where Humans have died out and 4 new races each live in their own respective lands; Elves, Trolls, Gnomes and Dwarves. So far we've only seen Elves, a Human druid, and a rover (bandit) but if the other races are anything as imaginative and well-executed as the AWESOME DEMONS then I'm sure they will be a welcome addition.

The show features a very good looking young cast of actors as well as the reputable Manu Bennet (Arrow, Lord of the Rings, Spartacus) and John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, everything else).

I HIGHLY recommend this show for anyone who appreciates fantasy, adventure, a good story, and action.
And did I mention it has awesome demons?


I can't speak for the show as a whole, but the Pilot was, for me, literally as good as a pilot can get. 10/10. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for next week. The series has a strong premise that has proven to resonate with people (Tru Callin, Pushing Daisies, Izombie) and explores it in a completely unique way with a cast of fast-talking, witty, youthful and likable characters. It's smart, its fresh, its well-written. It's the epitome of a good science fiction series. I'm very surprised that it is on ABC Family. They generally don't have too many Science fiction shows. If I can recall ... all they ever had was Kyle XY and No Ordinary Family ... thas it. So good on them for spending the money to buy this show. That being said, because they are a significantly smaller network, the shows ratings will inevitably be much smaller than they could be if it were on a major broadcast network or even a major cable network like TNT or FX. I predict a 0.6-0.9 for the pilot, then maybe a decline to 0.6-0.7. That actually wouldn't be bad. That should be enough to get it renewed considering the fosters was renewed with a 0.5.

Update: I keep reading all these people saying its terrible, that its forced, too quit, too little character development, too many unoriginal ideas. I don't agree with ANY of these things. First of all, A pilot needs to be rushed and it should severly limit the character development because you only have 54 minutes to get the point of the show across and you do that with action, not words. Secondly, This show has no similarities to fringe whatsoever save for a box full of water that she lies down in and the fact that its science fiction.. You say the show is unoriginal and a rip off of previous shows -- Well what would you have them do, bring back these old shows that were canceled or concluded? Of course material is going to be recycled -- successful shows have a market, and that market doesn't go away after the show ends. They are catering to a market they know exists. You guys are being way to critical. Its a TV show meant to entertain, its not a College Essay and you're not the professor grading it.

Emerald City

This review is based on the two hour pilot which premiered 1/6/17.

Emerald City is a televised adaptation and re-imagining of the classic book and film, The Wizard of Oz.
While the key names and characters are the same, everything has been modernized and greatly toned down in the cheese factor, and instead imbued with a more gritty Game Of Thrones-esque dark realism. And by realism, I don't mean realistic, I just mean that witches are evil, magic is destructive, and no one in this mystical land is a good person, not even Glinda, the so-called good witch.

This is a hard fantasy series that at this point may or may not follow the original storyline, but Its my hope it doesnt and just borrows the original universe and takes it in its own direction story-wise.

The CG is well done, the characters seem interesting, the universe they've build feels large and populated, and most importantly, its not cheesy. There were a few scenes in the pilot that were a bit dumb, some chanting convulsing witches, another screaming over-acted witch, and a ridiculously spontaneous and surprising gender-bending twist that made me raise an eyebrow - but other than that, It was a pretty strong pilot.

Sort of gave me a Chronicles of Shannara feel, but darker. I also really liked the imagination of the creators, turning the classic flying monkey into a steampunk machine, and the Munchkin's into the Munja'kin, a war-like tribe of barbarians. There's some cool stuff at play here.

Should also note that this show is definitely not for kids. There's prostitution, child abuse, murder, and gore. I could personally do without the prostitution, but whatever.