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I think this was my first Sci-Fi, action, fantasy, ass-kicking, girl-power TV show I've seen in one piece on DVDs.

Three sisters, putting together their talents and fighting evil to help others live in a peaceful world. How lovely is that?
And the angels are mostly hot men lurking around.
What more ... they have their own club and an awesome old house to live in. And this house is in a neighborhood I would go live without thinking twice.
Flashbacks, fantasy world and creatures, their ability to have the power and sister bond ...

Some hidden meanings I found in almost each episode laying around like Easter eggs-that, I think was the most fun thing about the show, besides all the other things I've already mentioned. Also some very clever connections they did in the show.

I really, really liked and still love the show and all three sisters, except for the fourth one. I don't know why, but I felt like when she came into the show, it wasn't the same. I was always secretly hoping for Piper to come back ...

I think that's enough for me to tell you about the show. If you'll watch it, you'll know what I meant ;)

The Nanny

If you love musicals, "funny" sounding woman, Barbara Streisand and laughter, then you'll love this show.
Although (except for a few times) you won't really see musicals in this show there are many musical references in it, especially concerning A. L. Webber and his shows. The most referenced musical is The Sound of Music and Cats. There are many references to Barbra Streisand. Although we don't really see Barbra in the show, her sister Roslyn Kind appears with a great performance.

So, what I loved about a show. The fact that Fran doesn't want to admit her age and prospect of being a nanny in a house with three amazing kids.
The fact that her mother wanted Fran to be married and how Fran was frustrated on not finding the right guy.
The fact that Fran is always eating an ice-cream, Hagen Dazs, if I may add, but never gets fat! She actually contains an amazing figure throughout the whole show and we can see her unique taste in clothing.
Fran is obssesed with gossip, celebrities, her goddess Streisand.
Although she may be seen as average, and at some points wants to be seen as intelligent (in the show they want to point out the difference in upbringing-average and high household incomes connected to intelligence ...), she has an amazing touch for kids, which she doesn't actually know she has, a talent not all people have.
The fact that all three children had their own characters ... like Maggie is this beautiful young girl, learning on becoming a woman (by Fran, of course). Brighton is this really bright guy, focusing on his father's legacy. I love his signature cries on the show-so funny. Gracie the smartest and most complex of them all.
For Maxwell I can only say that most of the times he's a guy, who gives up all the big chances on becoming as successful as A. L. Weber and always has issues with it. He is blind on his coworker's CC obsession with him.
CC is supposed to be this really stuck up snob, which I hated, but loved her character nevertheless, especially her "dialogues" with Niles. It was funny how they tried to hid actresses tummy during 5th season when she was pregnant with different kinds of flowers and objects.
Fran's mother is constantly nagging her on getting a husband and kids. Although her character constantly eats on all episodes and season of the show, the actress actually lost loads of weight in the last two seasons, which was quite impressive, but they still made many jokes concerning her weight and the size of her tuchus.
Fran's best friend Val is portrayed as this blond chick with little luck for men and little intelligence, still living with her parents, as that were that terrible, but a very loyal friend.
The two most fun characters on the show, without a doubt, are NILES, the butler, and grandma YETTA. All I can say concerning their characters-all they do is funny to die for or you feel really sad for them!
As Fran is Jewish, besides musicals and Streisand, there are many references about their way of thinking and living in the show.
I really loved the scene when Brighton comes in kitchen with a radio on his shoulder, acting all cool and stuff, and when he pushes the play button The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music starts to play. I couldn't stop laughing at this scene!!! And is still my most fav scene in a whole show!
At some point, in the middle of series Fran looked like she didn't have much energy to act, but she slowly recovered and finished the last season with great ending.
The first 3 seasons and the last one were the best for me, because in the first ones Fran and Max don't think of themselves on being right for each other and you secretly hope they would finally become a couple. When they finally realize they love each other and Max takes it back, Fran becomes a little bit too annoying with her determination on getting him back, and Max a little bit too stubborn.
All in all, I recommend watching this show. You'll love most of it. I know I did! :)

Gilmore Girls

Why do I love GG?

For one thing, I was a teenager when I was watching this show, but I still love it now. And this was also one of the first shows I watched through all the seasons and loved it!

Lorelei, named after a mythical creature, is this strong, but also fragile woman, struggling to go through life on her own.
Some pointers of this show.
- got pregnant with her high-school sweetheart with whom she always wanted to get back and almost did
- although she has this old-school-thinking parents, it seems at first, who are strict and very wealthy, she wants to succeed on her own-respect to that!!!
- she raised this amazing daughter who is a total geek and we love that about her!!
- the fact that she manages to open her own B&B
- that her best friend is amazing woman and the relationship with her boyfriend is beyond cute and they open their own bio-food shop-he supplies and she cooks (I love Sookie)
- she has these crazy dreams we all have, but none admit we do

- the geek was my inspiration for learning harder, because being a book worm was sooo cool!
- the fact that all of her boyfriends were so ... mmmmm :)
- her best friend Lane was so cool, total underdog and many could totally relate to her, especially with her mother being so Christian and strict with rules, and I think Lane was one of the first Asian characters I really liked and noticed ...
- her other friend Paris-hyperactive and one of the first characters who don't understand others feelings, but though she was annoying, we grew fond of her

- his diner-I wish we had that kind of diner in our village. I would totally go there every day
- the reason I got hooked up on drinking coffee-they were having in to much on the show, I felt like I had to drink it, though I don't like it :)
- very cool guy with a daughter we become to love in Switched at birth

Miss Patty-not so fit and very nousy dance teacher who we love!
Funny and sometimes annoying Kirk, who wants his town to be perfect and we love him for this.
One of the first positive, but nagging gay characters, who had also some fun moments.

I really loved the outline of their town. At some points I wished I was living there. Maybe it reminds me a bit of Ghost whisperer (the town, I mean). But the house they were living in, I have to say is one of the rarest on TV shows that is unique.

All in all, if you're a middle aged woman or a teenager, you'll probably love this show. I know I did. For others-go try it and tell me what did you think of it! :)