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30 Rock Finale Review: Dare to be Different

As a college kid in the mid-2000s, who knew little else other than broadcast television, 24 and Lost got me hooked on watching thrilling and thought provoking dramas. The Office and 30 Rock , meanwhile, were the cornerstones in building my love for the television comedy. It will likely go down in history as one of the great comedies of its time, thanks to plenty of critical acclaim and shelves full of Emmys, but for me 30 Rock will likely be remembered simply as the series that dared to be different. And one that made it possible for shows like Community to even exist. Read More... //

Seitz: The 30 Rock Finale Dared Us Not to Cry, and Knew We’d Fail

Sitcom finales don’t have to wrap everything up, though it’s nice if they do; they just have to remind you of the qualities that made you want to watch the show every week, and spark affection and reflection. 30 Rock ’s two-part, interconnected finale did all of that, including the wrapping-up part, with the reflexive ease of Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy slipping into his desk chair. It was one of the most satisfying sitcom enders I’ve seen, right up there with the end of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Cheers , series that operated along the same no-fuss, let’s-all-have-a-good-time wavelength.  Read More... //

30 Rock Series Finale Review: One Last Show

What I liked most about the finale was the question of whether or not Liz and Jack could really have it all. //

’30 Rock’ Is Over. What Did You Think of the Finale?

Tina Fey's "30 Rock" is over. What did you think of the series finale? Hold that that. Here's our compilation of some of the funniest moments from the show's run. Did the last show live up to them? //

Series finale review: '30 Rock' - 'Hogcock!/Last Lunch'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series finale of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Jack chases his happiness, and Liz has to put on one last episode of 'TGS.' //

'30 Rock' series finale recap: 10 best moments from 'Hogcock!' and 'Last Lunch'

How do you end a series like "30 Rock"? Apparently by never losing sight of the surreal humor and TV industry satire, while also realizing that after seven seasons your audience has come to care about the core characters enough that emotional catharsis is possible.The ultimate message of "30 Rock": You don't have to sacrifice the silly to get the sentiment, but you may have to sacrifice a broad audience for the sake of quality. "30 Rock" evolved into a cartoon over the past few seasons, but also managed to completely reclaim its identity and end on its own terms. It leaves the air as a model for what TV comedy is capable of when everyone involved cares about the work they're doing.There was stray brilliance all over the place in the final hour (Liz's Yoda impression; Jenna admitting she's never met Mickey Rourke; Liz telling Jonathan: "You were in a wedding dress dancing with... //

30 Rock Season 7 Series Finale Review “Hogcock; Last Lunch”

In 2006, NBC debuted two shows based on a behind the scenes look at a sketch comedy show designed to mimic  Saturday Night Live . One show featured a cavalcade of high-wattage television stars and was sprouted from the mind of the person responsible for a Hall of Fame network drama. The other show was created by a talented but little known former  SNL  writer and some names that were fairly recognizable and some you’d probably never seen before. A year later, Aaron Sorkin’s  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip  was canceled after 22 episodes. As it turns out, a non-comedy writer doesn’t know how to write non-comedy sketches. On the flip side, Tina Fey and  30 Rock  just wrapped their 7th and final season on a glorious high-note that should be lauded for its big heart as much as its bottomless well of jokes. READ MORE...

30 Rock Season 7 Review “A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World”

Ever since Tina Fey entered the minds of television  viewers, she has been associated with a type of comedy that is biting, fearless, and often sharper than many of her counterparts in the medium. Hercapacity for  self-deprecation has humanized her while her joke rate has made her show iconic to television critics. Her crowning achievement,  30 Rock , is a joke machine that attacks anything and everything, but manages to smile at its targets while it twists the knife. Fey is lauded for all of these qualities in her comedy, but no one has ever accused her of creating a show that  is a heartfelt as it is humorous. It’s not a criticism considering that Fey hasn’t seemed to have much interest in interjecting heart into the proceedings on  30 Rock . Though it rarely shows it, it would be a disservice to the show to say that  30 Rock  doesn’t have a heart. Furthermore, it would be a disservice to Fey to say that she can’t write heart into her show. Episodes like tonight prove that she can interject heart into her series without sacrificing a ton of the humor. READ MORE...

30 Rock Season 7 Review “Florida”

This season of  30 Rock  has turned into a 6 hour send-off party. The few fans that have remained devoted to the series throughout its run have been serviced on the regular throughout the run. After spending the first six seasons setting high standards  with whip fast, and whip smart, hijinks without getting too story dependent,  30 Rock  has sought to bring the characters some sort of final resting place within the final 12 episodes. The jokes were still coming in at rates that demand someone create a statistic to discuss it, but now more substantial things were being said within the context of those jokes. Normally, fan service can lead to some clunky stories, but I don’t think anyone would argue with what we have gotten from Liz, Jack, and to a lesser extent, Tracy, this season. READ MORE...

30 Rock Review: Boiling Gatorade

There are only a couple hours left in the history of 30 Rock . By the end of " Florida ," we learned that there is just one episode left in the history of TGS with Tracy Jordan . Yup, thanks to Hazel's lawsuit, and the host of other issues those crazy people have brought upon themselves recently, Hank Hooper said that it's finished. Did we expect anything different for the end of 30 Rock ? I didn't. It will be interesting to see what TGS does for its final hurrah, and then even more intriguing to to see where our favorite characters end up before the final scene fades to black. Read More... //