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Review: '30 Rock' - 'Florida'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Florida," the January 17 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Jack and Liz go to Colleen's house, while Tracy and Jenna run 'TGS' into the ground. //

30 Rock Season 7 Review “Game Over” Review

30 Rock  returned tonight with it’s first episode of 2013, and they’re ringing in the new year with a host of guest stars in tonight’s hilarious episode "Game Over". You’ve got your Will Arnett, Steve Buscemi, Megan Mulally, Octavia Spencer , Chloe Grace Moretz,  and  a series wrap for Chris Parnell’s Leo Spaceman! With only three more episodes left before 30 Rock calls it quits, it’s sad to think that we’re seeing most of these characters for the last time. However, if the last few episodes are anywhere near as funny as tonight’s installment, we’re in for a real treat. READ MORE...

30 Rock: "My Whole Life Is Thunder" Review

Relationships were tested, strengthened and lost on this week's cameo-filled episode of 30 Rock . This series has never been beholden to rigidly defined standards of narrative structure. If there ever were any definitive rules in place, they have long since gone by the wayside. It often feels as though Tina Fey is simply indulging her fantasies in this, the final season. It’s as if she’s saying: "Screw it, I love Kermit, let’s have Kermit!" It's impossible to begrudge her a bit of self-indulgence, though. The irreverent, free-association humor continues to sing. We are granted a glimpse into the inner workings of Fey’s mind each week, and it’s an excellent place to visit. There is a surreal tone to the series that helps it to stand out in a sea of generic and formulaic offerings. 30 Rock delves into the truly bizarre with characters such as Reverend Gimp and a groom disguised as a stone angel. It also continues to stay on course with some measure of character and story development. Read More... //

30 Rock Season 7 Review “My Whole Life is Thunder”

Shows with definite end dates, like  30 Rock , try to accomplish several things, but often their primary goal is fan service (Unless David Chase  or David Simon are prominently involved). Even a cynicalcomedy writer  like Tina Fey  spent last week marrying off Liz Lemon in as dreamy of a sequence as she could possibly muster. Clearly, that episode left Fey feeling a little dirty, because this week the Joke Ray was cranked up to full blast. All of the old classics were whipped by the heads of viewers at speeds that remain incomprehensible to me. Jack’s mojo, Jenna’s craziness, Jenna’s continuing (one-side) feud with Mickey Rourke, the delightfully horrible Colleen, and some shots at their own show were all on full display. The timing of this particular episode seemed crucial. After last week’s break in Liz Lemon form, Fey wrote an episode that was a celebration of a lot of the wonderful things about  30 Rock . Sure, there was a wedding and a funeral, but tonight’s  30 Rock  was all about the jokes. A few of the more spirited jokes centered on Fey’s favorite stereotypical target: women. One week after celebrating the stereotypical woman in her wedding episode,  30 Rock  returned to their most fertile ground that doesn’t involve the Republican party. From a lack of technical skills know-how ("Take the disc out and blow on it!") to nymphomaniac virgin widows with a latex allergy, there was no shortage of fodder for jokes from the female talent in tonight’s episode. Read More... //

30 Rock Review: Surprise Wedding

The fact that 30 Rock is quickly coming to an end could not have been made more apparent the past couple of episodes.  Last week Liz Lemon got married.  And now, in " My Whole Life Is Thunder ," Colleen Donaghy's death and Jenna's subsequent wedding were the stars of the show. It created a real feeling finality, and that's not including what seemed like the end to Tracy and Kenneth in their week of pretending like they were on tv, which brought back the idea that Ken thinks Jacob from Lost is controlling his every move. Read More... //


"It's ok to be a human woman!" "No it's not!! Because of society!" Liz Lemon came full circle this week. From the Lemon we know, determined to spit her deli sandwich in the face of society’s expectations, to the Liz Lemon who understands that she can fulfill her girlhood dreams  and  let her inner freak flag fly. This wedding biach knows that Princess means Leia and that her "special day" includes gold teeth, Tony Bennett and vows that open with "Tito was a drug dealer the police shot in the face in Riverside Park, where we first met." Read More... //

30 Rock Season 7 Review “Mazel Tov, Dummies!”

When sitcoms enter their final season , a pressing need comes over the show to give the people involved a happy ending . In general, sitcoms are designed to make us laugh, but also warm our hearts. If you’re doing it right, you reach a stage with your audience where everyone wants to go home happy. With  30 Rock , Tina Fey  has shown us over and over again that she wants to not just go against popular sitcom tropes, but outright attack them. Therefore, it wasn’t out of line to wonder if Tina Feycould allow Liz Lemon to finally be successful in the arenas in which she has struggled the most: sex and relationships. After finally finding her muse (and paper clips) in the bedroom earlier thi season, it was time to tackle Liz Lemon’s love life. Read More... //

30 Rock Review: You Wish, Pal!

Although Liz Lemon's wedding wasn't the magical moment that most girls dream of as kids, it was a part of one of the funniest episodes in 30 Rock 's final season. That has to be worth something, right? Highlighted by appearances from Dennis Duffy and Dr. Spaceman, " Mazel Tov Dummies! " used guest performers to its advantage, while letting Tracy Morgan simply do his thing. While it wasn't the main focus, Tracy's story led in laughs as he made fun of Dot Com, got depressed about being healthy and responsible and then had a conversation with Jack Harriet Tubman in his mind. Read More... //

'30 Rock' Recap: It's 'Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy'

I'm a little devastated. It seems Liz Lemon won't be able to have it all after all, no matter how many times she's insisted it in elevators and mid-sandwich at the airport over the last seven years. Now that we know she's getting married in the Nov. 29 episode , does that mean she'll be leaving "TGS"? All wild speculation aside, time to get to business: This week, Jack Donaghy was baffled when his go-to phrases were endlessly quoted back at him ("Gabe, Google 'Jack Donaghy' and 'black laughter.'"), until he discovered that he's the villain in Tracy Jordan's latest "Aunt Phatso" movie. What's more, there was already a sequel in the works. Furious, Jack demanded that it be scrapped, which angered Tracy, who said Jack didn't respect him even though they were essentially the same. To prove his point that he had just as much power, Tracy made a huge donation to the New York Philharmonic and had them play the theme song of "Sanford and Son" for four hours straight, ruining the concert for Jack. In response, Jack brought in a Japanese and a German attorney (the German one played by "30 Rock" executive producer Robert Carlock) and told Tracy he'll sue him for libel if he goes ahead with his sequel. However, since nearly all of Villain Jack's actions and lines in the movie were true to what Actual Jack says and does, Tracy ptoved he doesn't have a case. The only thing that happened in the film that Jack hadn't actually done was shutting down an orphanage, until he realized that the funding of the film was tied up in an orphanage in Knuckle Beach. As a result, Jack can't sue to shut down the film without also closing the orphanage, and if he shut down the orphanage, he no longer had a libel case. And that's the tale of how Tracy Jordan bested Jack Donaghy. Read More... //

Review: '30 Rock' - 'Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy," the November 15 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Tracy models a movie character after Jack, while Hazel takes advantage of Liz //