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Episode Recap: Senor Macho Solo

In This episode of 30 Rock, Liz "accidentally" started dating a little person (guest star Peter Dinklage), a health scare taught Jack a life (and love) lesson, and Jenna's biopic dream was dashed by a pretty woman. Here now, the full recap! I see a limb, and I'm going out on it - best episode of the season. I think what we saw this week was the perfect blend of guest stars in well-modulated roles and regular players (though Pete, Frank et al still seem to be getting sidelined; see Mega Buzz for more on that trend), all working off a script that developed characters, moved story, was teeming with heart and, yes, delivered smart laughs. Let's start with baby-crazy Liz and how she stumbled into a date with Peter Dinklage's U.N. Commissioner in charge of "Water Temperature and Food Taint." Sure, they had precious little in common - and certainly not the important things like Sex and the City - but I wanted to see much more of them together! I loved how he pegged her straight away as an "aggressive woman with a nerdy vibe." (At least he was half right.) But at the end of the day, there on the Brooklyn Bridge, we saw that what Liz in fact truly seeks is a different kind of little fella to call her own. Speaking of wants, Jack thought he wanted - and was prepared, McFlurry machine and all - to die alone one day. But thanks to the sage words of his mother's nurse (Salma Hayek), the inspirational "passion" of Tracy and Angie, and a health scare, he revisited his end game. Hayek's character may be one of Jack's best matches yet - in a "power to reform him" kind of way - so while I'm curious to see how it all eventually goes south, I'd rather it didn't. Lastly, the B-stories packed plenty of amusement. Tracy's money-spending problem was funny for the sight gags alone (the jacket and hat made of currency, the heavy gold shoes), and the aforementioned workplace sexytime with his wife was simply outrageous. Jenna's determination to play Janis Joplin was riotous, especially as "Janis" clumsily made her case to Jack, then later when it became clear how little Jenna knows about the late singer. (To Liz: "Take a lesson from Janis and show some self control.") For full Recap read here

30 Rock: Senor Macho Solo - With a Senor Flurry on the Side

********Episode Spoilers******** Liz Lemon's biological clock is not just ticking; it's sounding a thunderous alarm. An alarm so hypnotic, it makes her hoard the abandoned shoes of infants and carry them around in a tote. As if that isn't creepy enough, she also pets the heads of unknown children, one of whom actually turns out to be a little person named Stuart (Peter Dinklage). She plays it off as flirtation and, luckily for her, he likes his women "aggressive with a nerdy vibe." The perfect outfit for an intervention ...continue reading

30 Rock: A hip-breaking, confession-filled Christmas Special

Episode Specific SPOILERS Liz Lemon is on a mission. She's advocating for the Letters to Santa program, giving gifts to poor kids who send their lists to the jolliest man of all. Like most worthwhile things we do as adults, this mission is driven by parental rejection and the compulsive need for praise. Oh, and to do good, or whatever. Instead of buying a set of hot wheels and a basketball, Liz gets a cartload of high-priced electronics. And an animatronic black Santa (every household should have at least one). Tracy and DotCom tell her they'll go with her to drop the presents off since it's a bad part of town. Two grouchy men open the door and take the gift wagon of overcompensation, without so much as a word of extolment or an impromptu Thank-You-White-Lady photo shoot. Tracy says, "What's the past tense for scam? Is it scrumped? Liz Lemon I think you just got scrumped." Now Liz is on another mission ...more

Episode Recap: "The Reunion"

This week on 30 Rock, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Britney Spears guest-starred as ... oh, wait. There were no ginormous guest stars! Did I TiVo the right show?! Yeah, I'm a tad bitter, like in a Lonny Ross kind of way. But on with the recap of this refreshing episode! Admit it - this week was nice, just a tale of Liz and Jack, and Tracy vs. Kenneth. Plus, the high-school reunion plot had a nice twist, as Mickey and I were saying the other day: Liz thought she was the victim back in the day, when in reality she was the mean girl. I loved the two versions of the flashback, one where mousy Liz mumbles into her telescope (telescope?), and the other where she fires a zinger back at the class mate. "How's your mom's pill addiction?" Ha! Don Geiss lives! Alas, the indefatigable geezer thinks he has some CEO days left in the tank. Or, at least that's what the beam of light/possible unborn Aztec king told him. So distraught Jack headed to Miami - home of "ass, and burgeoning art scene" - but got held over in ol' White Haven, Pa. Hmm, things have changed there since Liz's teen years, what with the infusion of Vietnamese restaurants and "detour sign" tourist traps. Better wear your kon dong (sp?)! Back at the Rock, Tracy is upset/insecure because Kenneth has turned stand-up sensation in the building elevator, turning out high-sterical jokes like, "This must be the local." (Meanwhile, Tracy's riff on Star Trek's lack of Puerto Ricans was pretty funny, though I recall a Klingon or two being possibles. Tracy takes his grievance to Jenna, who is aghast to realize that yes, Kenneth IS stomping on their turf and threatening their raison d'etre. ("If there weren't actors, how would people know who to vote for?") Tracy and Jenna set Ken straight by taking over as overeager pages, much to his horror ... and plentiful tears. read full recap from: TvGuide

Episode Recap: "Gavin Volure"

This week on 30 Rock, an eccentric friend of Jack's took a shine to Liz, Tracy feared patricide, and Kenneth's family was terrorized by angry pigs (had to throw that one in there). Read on for the full recap. OK, now this was a funny episode, and I don't know how I'll be able to list and do all the best lines justice. The A-story set-up was this: A super-wealthy friend of Jack's, Gavin Volure (guest-star Steve Martin), hosts a dinner party attended by a hand-chosen selection of worlds. Including art-collecting and yelling. (Hi, John McEnroe!) Gavin comes off as an eccentric sort, apparently confined to his home by agoraphobia, and overly concerned by germs. But somewhere in that, Liz sees her chance with the perfect guy. Especially when Gavin suggests a weekend of staying in, watching TV, and having no sex. "What woman would want all that?" he laments. Liz, Liz, Liz! Back at 30 Rock, Tracy fears that his sons are trying to snuff him a la the Menendez brothers, only to later realize they were simply worried he'd get so rich he'd find another family. Awww. The story was a good excuse to meet the Tracy Jordan sex doll, who later would play a pivotal role.... Gavin invites Jack to invest in his new venture, something to do with windmills and TV, I think. Jack is all in, and he even coerces Kenneth to give up his coffee can savings (expect for the Confederate money). Soon enough, though, Jack learns they both lost their money, as the venture was a scam. read full recap from: TvGuide

Episode Recap: "The One with the Cast of Night Court"

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, Liz's old Friend got very Friendly with Jack, while Kenneth coped with sartorial change by hanging with some (some!) of the cast from Night Court. Read on for the full recap! Here she is, Ms. Jennifer Aniston, and she's playing an utter nut job from Liz Lemon's younger days. A sexy nut job, but make no mistake, someone who is crazy... like, "grab-a-cop's-gun crazy." (And we even saw proof of that.) I thought "Jen" (as the tabloids affectionately call her) looked sweet, but the role was juuuuust a bit much. Just a hair over-the-top. So, Liz and Jenna's old pal, Claire, comes for a visit, and inside of 10 seconds she's "getting directions to the F train" from Jack (as they apparently say). Little does Jack know that "taking that ride" (if I may continue the metaphor) is going to cost him — and a lot more than the increased $3 fare they're talking about here in the New York City papers. Yeah, Claire is a staunch advocate for Cocoa Puffs, so much so that she earned the nickname "Crazy Putty" (or words to that effect?) back in the day. read full recap from TvGuide

Episode Recap: "Believe in the Stars"

This week on 30 Rock, Liz went flying, Jack tried to make Kenneth go bad, and Tracy and Jenna embarked on one very Freaky Thursday. And there was the whole Oprah/Pam thing. I've now watched this episode three times, and the sequence where Liz first floods "Oprah" with so, so much personal information inside of, what, 30 seconds, still slays me. "My work self is suffocating my life me.... I saw the show about following your fear; it inspired me to wear shorts to work. It didn't go well.... One time I kissed a girl in summer camp - and then she drowned.... I had a sex dream about Nate Berkus, but then he turned into Dr. Oz. Has the ever happened to you?" It takes a lot to one-up Liz-as-Leia, droning in that spacey voice ("I don't really think its fair for me to be on a jury, because I can read thoughts"), but damn if that airplane scene didn't do it. read full recap from: TvGuide

Reactions to the 2008 Emmys

The 2008 Emmys were interesting to say the least. I'll try not to complain too much, since the most deserving shows took home the top awards (in my opinion, at least) - 30 Rock for Outstanding Comedy and Mad Men for Outstanding Drama. I was also shocked and pleasantly surprised that the underwatched but terrific Damages took home two awards - for Glenn Close (Outstanding Actress in a Drama) and (the larger surprise) Zeljko Ivanek (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama). Perhaps more people will tune into the second season of Damages when it airs this Spring, as they should; it is nearly as good as Mad Men. However, the biggest surprise of all had to be the win for Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad over Hugh Laurie, Jon Hamm, James Spader, Michael C. Hall and Gabriel Byrne. You could have made a convincing case for any of those guys (especially Laurie and Hamm...oh, heck, Hall also) and if only because I'm fairly certain that only 5 people watched Breaking Bad...Cranston winning was definitely a huge upset. I was intrigued by the Breaking Bad pilot, but not enough so to continue watching. Perhaps I will have to reconsider now. On the comedy end, 30 Rock is the undisputed queen with wins for Best Comedy and acting awards for both Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. While I completely agree with the wins for the show as a whole and for Baldwin, I'm still waiting for (and was kind of secretly rooting for) Mary-Louise Parker to win for her outstanding work in Weeds. Some non-surprises of the evening included the multitude of wins for miniseries John Adams and Recount as well as the overall win for Mad Men . Probably also the three-peat win for Jeremy Piven in Entourage (I was secretly gunning for Neil Patrick Harris in that one, but there's always next year) as well as the six-peat win (not a word, I know) for The Amazing Race . Is Race really that much better than every other reality competition? It has never lost the category since its introduction! My favorite moments of the show came from: Ricky Gervais - when making fun of Steve Carell who jokingly accepted Gervais' award last year when Gervais could not attend (complete with asking if Carell had seen Ghost Town yet) Conan O'Brien - who referenced that whole Katherine Heigl "I didn't submit my name" bit (bold Conan, bold) Stewart and Colbert - who weren't supposed to talk about politics, so Colbert instead commented that he liked old, shriveled prunes (watch here ) Jimmy Kimmel - who mocked the format of reality shows when presenting the first ever award to a reality host (though the hosts themselves are another story). Kimmel's pre-show Barbara-Walters-esque spoof/special was also hilarious. But yes, how about those reality hosts? The opening was truly bizarre, wasn't it? However, while most people complained mainly about the fact that the hosts talked with nothing planned for 10 minutes (Jeremy Piven's acceptance speech summed up the general audience reaction), I think what bothered me most was that Heidi Klum was reduced to dumb silence. Oh, and ripping off clothing. What was that? The general reaction to Josh Groban's medley of TV theme songs was that it was an awkward bomb. I didn't think it was all that terrible; you guys can watch and decide for yourselves. So...what did everyone think of the show? And the winners? Sound off below! And check out the complete list of winners here .

I love this show so much I'm going to take behind a middle school and get it pregnant!

Now in its second glorious season, it seems odd to say that 30 Rock was supposed to be the "other" behind the scenes show after Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This show is simply fantastic. Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is a modern day Mary Tyler Moore trying to manage her SNL-ish weekly comedy sketch show "TGS with Tracy Jordan" while playing a perfect foil for Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) and Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan). Simply put this show should be required viewing.