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30 Rock Review: Soccer. Jazz. Infidelity.

On the heels of the announcement that the series was picked up by NBC for a seventh and final season, 30 Rock aired a staggeringly average episode in " The Return of Avery Jessup ." The originality and creativity involved in recent episodes like " Live From Studio 6H " and " Queen of Jordan 2 " make them inherently divisive.  People will either respond well to such comedy, or hate everyone for putting it on their televisions. Read More... //

30 Rock “The Return of Avery Jessup” Review

Welcome back Avery! At long last , Avery returned to  30 Rock  and reunited with her husband who found himself drawn to  her mother during her absence. In addition to smoking Korean cigarettes as a source of protein, Avery spent her weekend-less time in North Korea  reporting ridiculous news headlines on American News Channel USA with Scott Scotsman and Johnny Mountain. That was Margaret Cho, right? I’m certain that was her portraying Kim Jung Un. Perhaps driven by his own guilt for kissing his wife’s mother, Jack feared that Avery was a little too close for comfort with her co-anchor, Scott Scotsman. He resorted to their favorite past time of psycho-sexual games to get Avery to reveal what happened in North Korea. Much to Jack’s relief and titillation, Avery was engaging in her own mind game to get Jack to reveal his indiscretions. Jack confessed to his inappropriate kiss along with admitting to sleeping in Avery’s nightgowns because they’re comfortable. Upon learning of his wife’s cunning ways, the two were closer than ever . . . for now. Read More... //  

30 Rock Recap: The Queen of Jordan Returns

Last week, we got 30 Rock ’s second live episode. This time around, it’s the show’s second episode set entirely inside a reality show. Both concepts felt clever and vital when they debuted in season five, but while the live show only improved with repetition, "Queen of Jordan 2" wasn’t quite able to surpass its predecessor. That’s okay: "Queen of Jordan" might just be unsurpassable. That episode revealed that 30 Rock ’s writers and producers have been watching a ton of Bravo. The attention to detail was breathtaking, and the humor was derived largely from the accuracy of the parody. This time around, the details were equally funny — the writers’ credit with "written by" in quotes was a great touch — but they weren’t surprising. (Except for that Game of Thrones spoiler, which may legitimately surprise the hell out of people who haven’t finished season one. When does it become acceptable to talk about that stuff? Sorry, that’s probably an off-topic discussion question for this recap.) Read More... //

'30 Rock' - 'Queen of Jordan 2': Rude!

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper," the May 3 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which the show returns to parodying Bravo's 'Real Housewives' franchise. //

30 Rock Review: Reality Blerg-ed

30 Rock debuted " Queen of Jordan " last season to rave reviews, specifically from me.  It was a hilarious parody of the awful reality television that America has embraced in recent years. The problem with this week's sequel, " The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper ," was that all of the shiny, new mockery from the first one had already been used.  The funniest moments from the original just felt a bit watered down in part two. Whether it was using subtitles when we could obviously hear what the characters were saying, playing up the fact that all these types of shows want to do is have giant fights, or the ridiculous titles and descriptions on the title cards, we had seen it all before. Read More... //

30 Rock “Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper” Review

Tina Fey and the other writers at  30 Rock  are clearly hardcore fans of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. I love a Queen of  Jordan episode and tonight did not disappoint. Tracy’s wife Angie returned this week with her reality television cameras and  entourage  in tow. Keeping with the tradition of the Real Housewives  cast, Angie returned to  30 Rock  a self-proclaimed "octuple-threat." Let’s revisit Angie’s latest accomplishments: //  

'30 Rock' - 'Live From Studio 6H': With a lot of help from our friends

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Live From Studio 6H," the April 26 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Paul McCartney, Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, Donald Glover and more stopped by for a much-improved live show. //

'30 Rock' Live Episode: Better or Worse Than Last Time?

On Thursday 30 Rock once again went live, playing up the cast's Saturday Night Live roots. The show an ode to live TV, filled with interludes where the cast recreated old-fashioned live shows from the early days of television. //

30 Rock Recap: The Year’s Best SNL Episode

Who knew that the year’s best episode of Saturday Night Live would take place on another show? 30 Rock last night must have been what SNL felt like in the early days: a party where all the coolest people on television were invited. Throw in someone from The Good Wife and a Lannister or two, and you’d pretty much have current must-see TV covered. Peter Dinklage, the nerd in me has to point out, has already been on 30 Rock. So has pretty much everyone at this point. Last night’s guest stars included Amy Poehler, Donald Glover, and Paul McCartney, and the audience loved them, but they weren’t what made the episode feel like the platonic ideal of a sketch comedy show. What did was the way that everyone involved — writers and actors — approached the episode with confidence and exuberance. Read More... //

30 Rock Review: We'll Do It Live!

30 Rock completed a very successful " live show " last season, which made me think that Tina Fey and company decided to do another one this year mainly because they felt they were supposed to.  I went in thinking that it was going to be a bit forced, but came out thoroughly pleased with " Live From Studio 6H ." You really have to have a good and completely different plan for one of these episodes to actually work.  By flashing back to the numerous fake live shows, 30 Rock created both a fun play on the plot, and ample opportunity for the main as well as guest actors to show off their chops. Read More... //