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'30 Rock': Live show brings double the fun

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and the rest of the cast of "30 Rock" did it again -- took their show live two times in one night -- and, as expected, hilarity ensued.As the show moved from their normal location to the set of "Saturday Night Live," it only seems appropriate that the episode was closer to a sketch comedy with a through line than anything else.The 2012 version upped the ante from 2010's live show, featuring some outstanding guest stars including Jon Hamm, Donald Glover and Amy Poehler. Unlike last time around, there were no nipple slips and only a few gaffes. Just as they did the first time, there were two versions, one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast. Because we have an eagle eye and a DVR, we decided to point out the differences between the two shows.Walk onDuring the East Coast broadcast, viewers were treated to... //

30 Rock “Live From Studio 6H” Review

Kabletown broke the news  that TGS would no longer be live due to financial issues. Kenneth stepped in to intervene when Jack and Liz embraced the change in exchange for what they believed would be fewer headaches. Returning to his NBC page roots, Kenneth took Jack, Liz and viewers on a magical journey through live television that featured amazing cameo appearances. Often known for gratuitous use of celebrity appearances,  30 Rock  used them with such comedic genius last night that critics would be hard-pressed to find fault with the live episode. Read More... //  

30 Rock Recap: You Are Being So Transvaginal

Last night, 30 Rock finally picked up the loose ends of several long-dangling plot points, bringing back Criss, teasing a return of Avery, and going back to Liz Lemon’s early season desire to have a kid. In the past, Liz’s urge to be a mother felt like a gesture toward real-world women’s issues. Like tons of nonfictional women, she worried about balancing her career goals with becoming a parent — something Tina Fey has famously managed in her own life. But this time around, despite being haunted by the specter of Murphy Brown, the episode didn’t feel particularly political. The focus wasn’t on Liz as Everywoman, but Liz as idiosyncratic weirdo, fully mellowed into her quirks after six seasons and nearly ready to settle down with a guy who’s almost as big of an oddball as she is. Read More... //

'30 Rock' - 'Murphy Brown Lied to Us': KouchTown breakdown

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Murphy Brown Lied to Us," the April 19 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Liz and Jack's interests collide in the funniest episode in ages. //

30 Rock Review: Negotiating a Nickname

Although I am too young to know what a Murphy Brown is, apparently she lied to the good working women of America.  In " Murphy Brown Lied to Us " Liz Lemon took yet another step towards growing up, something she's been doing more and more of lately. It was mostly thanks to Jack, who set Liz up with Kev's awesome daughter.  The girl wasn't just beneficial for Liz, because she helped Lemon realize that she still might want to have kids in this life time.  Kat was also extremely entertaining, which is rare for an actress of her young age. Read More... //

30 Rock “Murphy Brown Lied To Us” Review

Life is happening! The obvious question to ask from the first moments of this week’s episode of  30 Rock  should be why in the world would Liz’s mother consider Adolf a good name? I’m sure there are some post-World War II Adolf’s in the world but it has to be one of the least popular names of all time. Indeed Liz, I’m glad you were born a girl. Unpopular baby names  aside, what struck me most was Liz’s choice of spring cleaning attire. She seemed a bit overdressed to be doing indoor cleaning. The hat, the overalls it was just a bit much and then I realized that I was on a typical  30 Rock -inspired tangent less than 5 minutes into the show. Read More... //  

30 Rock Recap: The Talk, Times Three

You’re not supposed to place too much value on the romantic relationships in a show like 30 Rock . Significant others appear and disappear depending on when guest stars are free. If something bad happens to one of them, it’s not a tragedy, just a convenient way to write around a recurring actor’s leave of absence. If there’s a breakup, it just means that guest star’s time has come to an end. Still, the moment when Jenna caught her boyfriend Paul frolicking with another woman felt heartbreaking in a teen-drama-on-the-CW kind of way. And that’s despite the fact that Paul and the other woman were having a threesome with an anthropomorphic couch, which is not exactly a device ripped from the script of One Tree Hill . Jenna and Paul seem so good together. There’s something wonderfully perverse about the fact that dysfunctional Jenna has the healthiest, most sex-positive, egalitarian relationship on the entire show. And Will Forte is so great as Paul, the cross-dresser with a heart of gold. Here’s hoping those two crazy kids work things out soon. Read More... //

30 Rock Review: Double Donaghy Downer

I became very uninterested in " Meet the Woggles " shortly after the episode started.  With Jenna in another weird yet boring relationship, and Colleen Donaghy back to annoy us all, Tracy attempting to keep his son out of college was the only story I could hang on to. Colleen did have that one good line about the stork, but other than that she was just grumpy as always, and not in the funny old curmudgeon way.  She just took most of the life out of 30 Rock this week. Read More... //

'30 Rock' - 'Nothing Left to Lose': Smell the love

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Nothing Left to Lose," the April 5 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Tracy regains his sense of smell, Jenna pranks the writers and Jack mentors Pete. //

30 Rock Recap: Who’s Your Dad-Smell?

Back in 2001, Homer Simpson had a crayon removed from his nose and briefly became an intellectual. Realizing he was happier before, he had the crayon reinserted and returned to his boorish ways. Replace "Homer Simpson" with "Tracy Jordan," "crayon" with "decoder ring," and "intellectual" with "guy who can smell again," and you’ve got last night’s 30 Rock. What 30 Rock added to this formula — and I think it worked — was a completely ridiculous, in-no-universe-does-this-make-sense twist wherein Liz Lemon turns out to smell exactly like Tracy’s father. She uses a discontinued hair pomade called Midnight Symphony that was sold in the seventies and aimed at black men. Dotcom’s grandfather used it. Apparently, so did the man who raised Tracy, up until the day he went out for milk and heroin and never came back. Smell, as Dotcom reminds us, is intimately tied to memory, and now that Tracy realizes Liz smells like his dad, he wants to do everything in his power to please her. Read More... //