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30 Rock “St. Patrick’s Day” Review

Yet another holiday-related episode of  30 Rock . Yay?!? I know that I’m starting to sound like a broken record on my ambivalence about Jenna/Tracy pairings but for the first time last night, I had such high hopes when we saw the brief montage of their drunken St. Patty’s day past. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the story ended up being yet another battle of their egos that not even Kenneth and Hazel could save for me. By the way, Kristen Schaal is amazing as Louise on Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t done so already, check it out! Read More... //  

30 Rock Recap: Jack Versus Kaylie Round Two Colon No Subtitle Necessary

Last night’s episode was about power, about how it can shift, and about how hard it is to judge one’s own allotment. It was also about Liz pretending to be a man named Kenneth Toilethole. But it was also about power. Jack wants power over his teen nemesis Kaylie, granddaughter of his boss Hank Hooper. Kaylie, like all teenagers, wants power over her own life. Jenna blithely assumes she’ll be in charge of her army of blonde Stepford children, but her desperate fear of aging means they actually control her. Kenneth wants Liz to recognize that he’s now in a position of authority. And Liz has no idea her personal esteem has so much power over Kenneth.  Read More... //

'30 Rock' - 'Standards and Practices': My nemesis

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Standards and Practices," the March 8 episode of NBC's "30 Rock," in which Chloe Grace Moretz's return highlights an outstanding half-hour. //

30 Rock 6.11 "Standards and Practices" Review - Vicious and Vulnerable

30 Rock season 6 squares off against the eleventh episode of season 6 with "Standards and Practices," where Liz and Kenneth conflict over his new job, and Jack helps out potential rival Kaylie Hooper (Chloe Moretz), while Jenna uncovers a new path to publicity .   Streets ahead of last week's effort, "Standards and Practices" carries with it the momentum of a show half its age. Last week I made a point of mentioning how sitcoms running in omnipresent syndication can ultimately affect the way we interpret newer episodes.  In particular I had watched a very strong, and unique second episode of 30 Rock that seemed to make far greater use of its characters and tropes than a program essentially running on fumes, but I did my best to give things a fair shake.  "Standards and Practices" proved in fact a much better counterpart to "Succession" than " Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of Pete’s Missing Whisky ," not only for a similar structure, but for a far more effective use of character relationships that have evolved over time. Read More... //

30 Rock Review: Son of a Dingbat

Sometimes a joke doesn't always hit on the first try.  On occasion a joke is actually inserted into the script so that can make you laugh later on in the episode.  Both of these situations were executed perfectly at some point during " Standards and Practices ." 30 Rock enjoys the call back in general, but it was specifically successful at it with the use of the word "dingbat" and in spreading out a couple of appearances by Jack's friend Akaido – or however it is spelled – and his sneak attacks. Read More... //

30 Rock “Standards and Practices” Review

I’d like to start this review with a question for viewers of a certain age who grew up watching some of the earlier Nick at Nite lineups: do you immediately think of  The White Shadow  every time Ken Howard makes an appearance on  30 Rock  as Hank Hooper? I certainly do. I also distinctly remember his guest stint on The Golden Girls  as one of the only men in Miami who did not want to sleep with the illustrious Blanch Devereaux with no strings attached. In that same episode, we learned that the normally reserved Dorothy had a major obsession with a Beatles impersonator. Very funny. Once again, I’ve gone on a major  30 Rock -induced tangent but I am genuinely tickled each time Ken Howard appears on my screen as Hank Hooper. Read More... //  

30 Rock Recap: Frank & Liz & Lynn & Sylvia

Last night’s episode began with Frank’s overbearing Italian mother calling Liz a whore, then kissing her on the mouth and offering (threatening?) to defrost an ox for her. It was a promising start, and the show didn’t underdeliver, exactly, but this is probably not the episode you’d screen to win over new fans. Frank still lives with his mom, Sylvia, who’s played by Patti LuPone. But for the past year, he’s been in a secret romance with Lynn, the teacher who seduced him as a kid. Sylvia hates Lynn for reasons no one can remember, or maybe because Lynn is a child molester. (Lynn: "We prefer the term adultophobe.") So when she finds a letter signed "L" in Frank’s pornography collection, Frank lies and tells her the "L" stands for Liz. Read More... //

30 Rock 6.10 "Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of Pete's Missing Whisky" - Laws and Orders

30 Rock season 6 cracks the case in the tenth episode of season 6 with "Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of Pete's Missing Whisky," where Jack coaches Kenneth through a new job, and Liz plays girlfriend to Frank to cover for Lyn (Susan Sarandon) to Frank's mother (Patti LuPone), while Jenna and Tracy solve a mystery .   Not quite as well-put together as last week's effort, but "Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of Pete's Missing Whisky" is still worth some laughs despite overuse of guest stars. Sometimes, I really hate syndication on TV.  Sure it might give us a great opportunity to look back on some of our favored series in abundant measure, or even catch stray episodes of popular programs we’re not familiar with (I swear, I will never watch The Big Bang Theory from beginning to end), but it also comes with a somewhat nasty reminder.  If in fact said show is still on the air, you’re inevitably going to draw comparisons between the series in its heyday and the present landscape.  It’s not always fair to judge the past against the present, but in the case of 30 Rock their prestige and praise over the years carries higher expectation later in its run. Read More... //

30 Rock Review: What You Got Cooking?

" Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky " was yet another funny episode of 30 Rock 's sixth season, filled with a number of hilarious one-off jokes. Those stand alone jokes are exactly what make 30 Rock so watchable even when it might fail to knock the episodic stories out of the park.  Jack helping Kenneth make it in this world, and Frank using Liz to hide the love affair with his former teacher, weren't all that inherently funny, but each had its share of laughs. Read More... //

30 Rock “Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky” Review

I’m convinced the  30 Rock  writers tapped into my brain and purposely pulled together an episode of all the things I have mixed feelings about on the show. Okay, maybe Jack’s paranoia speech rubbed off on me a bit. I don’t think this week’s episode of  30 Rock  was part of any anti-Jocelyn conspiracy but it did manage to pack in just about everything that makes me question how much I like the show at times. Or perhaps that’s just what’s become of  30 Rock . As I’ve observed before,  30 Rock  uses way too many celebrity cameos! I’m still trying to forget recent useless appearances by Jim Carrey, Kelsey Grammer and Andie McDowell. This week’s celebrity parade was a rare exception. I love Patti LuPone. I know that she is a Broadway legend to most but to me, she is the sassy librarian who captured Bob Rebadow’s heart on Oz. So evidently Frank, who still lives with his mom portrayed by Patti LuPone, is dating his former school teacher portrayed by Susan Sarandon. Rather than admit that he was smitten by his teacher’s "adultophobe" ways, Frank lies to his mom and tells her he is dating Liz Lemon. Read More... //