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30 Rock: Elizabeth Banks Breaks Hearts

Oh, Elizabeth Banks, we love you so! It wasn't enough to just love you in movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Slither, Zack and Miri Make a Porno and The Baxter, but you had to come into our homes and enchant us on TV shows like Scrubs, Modern Family and, of course, 30 Rock. 30 Rock is set to air its Season 4 finale tomorrow night, Thursday the 20th, and Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy will have to make a romantic choice between Julianne Moore's fiery Bah-stun divorcee, Nancy Donovan, and Banks' aggressive and sexy TV news anchor, Avery Jessup. We had a chance to speak with Banks about the upcoming episode, working with Balwdin and about her desire to, possibly, have her own TV series. To Read More Click Here .

Sneak Peek - 30 Rock 4.22 "I Do Do"

The May 20 new episode of 30 Rock contains a whole slew of famous guest stars, including Matt Damon and Julianne Moore. NBC has released a sneak peek, which we have for you below. LIZ LEMON JUGGLES THE WEDDINGS OF FLOYD (GUEST STAR JASON SUDEIKIS), CERIE (KATRINA BOWDEN), AND GRIZZ (GRIZZ CHAPMAN), WHILE JACK IS FORCED TO MAKE A DECISION ABOUT HIS LOVE LIFE. ELIZABETH BANKS, MATT DAMON, WILL FORTE, JULIANNE MOORE, AND MICHAEL SHEEN GUEST STAR. To Read More Click Here .

30 ROCK "Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land" Season 4 Episode 21 - Preview

Check out a first look at the new episode of 30 ROCK "Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land" Season 4 Episode 21 airing Thursday May 13 at 9:30pm on NBC. Episode Synopsis: Jack (Alec Baldwin) becomes even more entangled in his love triangle between Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks) and Nancy Donovan (Julianne Moore), and he turns for advice to Liz (Tina Fey), who is focusing on her own romantic problems. When Liz can't find a date to Floyd's (Guest Star Jason Sudeikis) wedding, she revisits her old boyfriends in hope that a spark will reignite. Meanwhile, Tracy (Tracy Morgan) continues his journey to earn his EGOT. Also starring: Jane Krakowski (Jenna), Jack McBrayer (Kenneth), Judah Friedlander (Frank), Scott Adsit (Pete), John Lutz (Lutz), Kevin Brown (DotCom), Grizz Chapman (Grizz), and Keith Powell (Toofer). Source & Preview

30 Rock First Look: Matt Damon Dressed as Pilot

How Matt Damon would be presented on " 30 Rock " has been teased through the episode stills. Damon, whose casting was confirmed in late April, would appear in the fourth season finale airing May 20. In the episode called "I Do Do", he would play a wedding guest who wears a pilot uniform. According to the official synopsis, Tina Fey's Liz will stop by three weddings and in one of them she'll meet "the man of her dreams". However, it is not explained further whether Damon would be him. From the look of the stills, Liz would be the bridesmaid who hangs out near the bar with Damon's character. Matt Damon offered himself up for the guest starring appearance. In December, he told EW, "I would do [30 Rock] in a heartbeat if they asked me to come on. ...Let's make this happen. Tina is a brilliant comedy writer. My wife and I download that show in bulk. That's actually one of the downsides to working so much this year; I have fallen behind on this season. But we love that show, so if she has a part for me, I'm game." The season finale will also be about Jack's love triangle between high school love, Nancy Donovan (guest star Julianne Moore), and CNBC anchor, Avery Jessup (guest star Elizabeth Banks). Jenna's boyfriend is confronted with a similar dilemma when his desire for another woman threatens to ruin their relationship, and Kenneth, with the help of Tracy, tries to avoid a promotion that would land him in LA. Source & More Photos

30 ROCK "Argus" Season 4 Episode 19

Check out a first look at the new episode of 30 ROCK "Argus" Season 4 Episode 19 airing Thursday April 29 at 9:30pm on NBC. Episode Synopsis: Wedding fever hits TGS, leaving Liz (Tina Fey) to sort out Grizz's (Grizz Chapman) dilemma when both Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Dot Com (Kevin Brown) want to be his best man. Jenna's (Jane Krakowski) new boyfriend, Paul (guest star Will Forte), raises Liz and Pete's (Scott Adsit) suspicions, while Jack (Alec Baldwin) is finally forced to deal with the death of his mentor, Don Geiss, when Geiss leaves him a strange but meaningful inheritance. Also starring: Jack McBrayer (Kenneth), John Lutz (Lutz), Marceline Hugot (Kathy Geiss). Source & More Photos

TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 4/22

It's a full Thursday line-up with the return of our fav NBC comedies including double 30 Rock , plus there are all new episodes of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural , The Mentalist and more Thursday favs. Check out all that's on tonight: 8/7c Community on NBC FlashForward on ABC Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains on CBS Vampire Diaries on The CW 8:30/7:30c 30 Rock on NBC - 2 episodes tonight! 9/8c The Office on NBC Private Practice on ABC - Special time! CSI on CBS Fringe on Fox Supernatural on The CW 9:30/8:30c 30 Rock on NBC - 2 episodes tonight! 10/9c The Mentalist on CBS The Marriage Ref on NBC Project Runway on Lifetime Television The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo 11/10c Models of the Runway on Lifetime Television The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11:30/10:30c The Colbert Report on Comedy Central 11:35/10:35c The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC What will you be watching?

Sneak Peek - 30 Rock 4.17 "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter"

A new episode of 3 Rock will be airing on April 22 and NBC has released a sneak peek featuring Julianne Moore. You can also view a few promo photos below, along with a synopsis. LIZ LEMON MAKES HERSELF MORE AVAILABLE FOR DATING, WHILE JACK (ALEC BALDWIN) IS TORN BETWEEN FAST-PACED NEWS ANCHOR AVERY JESSUP (GUEST STAR ELIZABETH BANKS) AND CHILDHOOD LOVE NANCY DONOVAN (GUEST STAR JULIANNE MOORE). To Read More Click Here .

Will Forte in Drag on 30 ROCK Season 4 (Photos)

Take a first look at Will Forte guest starring on an upcoming episode of the season 4 of 30 ROCK titled "Argus" airing Thursday April 29 at 9:30 pm on NBC. Episode Synopsis: Liz is forced to intervene when Tracy and Dot Com both want to be the best man at Grizz's wedding; Pete and Liz are suspicious of Jenna's new boyfriend (Will Forte) Source & More Photos

30 ROCK "Floyd" Season 4 Episode 16 - Photos

Check out a first look at the new episode of 30 ROCK "Floyd" Season 4 Episode 16 airing this thursday at 9:30pm on NBC. Episode Synopsis: Liz reevaluates her feelings for an old flame, Floyd (Guest Star Jason Sudeikis), when he returns with big news, and Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) teaches Danny Baker (Guest Star Cheyenne Jackson) the finer points of pranks after the TGS writers play a trick on him. Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) and Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) see Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer) in a disturbing new light after they spend a very long day listening to him tell stories about his childhood. Also starring: Scott Adsit (Pete), Judah Friedlander (Frank), Keith Powell (Toofer), John Lutz (Lutz), Katrina Bowden (Cerie), Kevin Brown (Dotcom), Grizz Chapman (Grizz). Source & More Photos

Photos - 30 Rock 4.15 "Don Geiss, America, and Hope"

Michael Sheen will be making a guest appearance on an all new episode of 30 Rock on March 18 and NBC has released promo photos and a synopsis. Check them out below. DON GEISS, AMERICA AND HOPE Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) keeps running into Wesley (guest star Michael Sheen), forcing them to question their decision, while Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) tries to establish himself with the new cable company. Meanwhile, Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) is distressed about his reputation when his kids' former nanny writes a tell-all book, and Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) seeks to secure his own position in the new company. Source & More Photos