45 minutes

Five years on from the 7/7 bombings, Juliet Stevenson tells the story of survivors and those who lost loved ones on the day when terror came to London. Fifty-two innocent people died in the 7/7 bombings; thousands more were injured. Marking the fifth anniversary, Heenan Bhatti's film tells the powerful stories of survival and tragedy, through the personal testimony of those caught up in the carnage of that fateful day. 7/7: Saved by a Miracle? explores how, in the midst of a terrorist atrocity, some survivors found themselves escaping death and serious injury by a sequence of chance events. These include the remarkable series of coincidences which helped save lives on the bombed Number 30 bus. Detoured from its normal route, the bus exploded directly outside the British Medical Association, on a day doctors from around the country had gathered for a conference. Astonishingly, among them was one of the few people in this country trained to manage a major emergency of this scale. Was this a sequence of chance events, a case of being in the right place at the right time? Or was it, as some believe, a miracle where fate played a hand?