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Date My Dad Star Barry Watson Is Open to 7th Heaven Reboot

With Fathers Day fast approaching, its perhaps fitting that Barry Watson believes his new series, Date My Dad, can unite families in unique ways. The Up dramedy stars Watson (Samantha Who?) asRicky Cooper, a former baseball star tasked with raising three daughters on his own after his wifes death. Things get complicated whenRickys mother-in-law, Rosa (Raquel Welch), moves out of the familys home, not to mention thatthe girls are eagerto set their dad up with a special someone. Theres the stuff that [young viewers] are going to enjoy, following the storylines of the girls, but theres very much a grown-up element to it, Watson told TheWrap. Theres not much on TV like that right now this show is going to bring everybody together in one room.   ...Read More... //

7th Heaven Cast Then and Now (PHOTOS)

Things sure have changed since the first season of 7th Heaven aired in 1996. The cast of the show have all gone on to different projects and they almost look like entirely different people. Scroll through the gallery to see the cast then and now. ...Read More... //

Sisters! Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell and Mackenzie Rosman Have Adorable 7th Heaven Reunion -

The sisters are back together! A decade has passed since 7th Heaven aired its final episode, but the Camden girls have stuck together. On Wednesday, Beverley Mitchell took to Instagram to share an adorable photo with her on-screen sisters Jessica Biel and Mackenzie Rosman, gushing that the two are her "Woman Crush Wednesday" picks this week. #Wcw #sisters #family #love gushing on my blog! Link in profile @jessicabiel #mackenzierosman A photo posted by Beverley Mitchell (@beverleymitchell) on Feb 8, 2017 at 7:26pm PST Read the full article at .

7th Heaven Mom Is Down for a Reunion (If the Dad Is Dead)

If the Camdens ever make their return to TV in this reboot-obsessed day and age, star Catherine Hicks would expect it to happen with one very key character six feet under. The actress,...   ...Read More... //

7th Heaven 20 Years Later: 20 Moments That Still Make Us Uncomfortable

Were not sure which isharder to believe: that 7th Heaven lasted for an astounding 11 seasons on The WB/CW, or thatits been exactly 20 years since we first met Eric, Annie and the rest of those crazy Camdens. But when we think back to the shows 240+ episodes, its not the family dinners or the [] //

'7th Heaven' star: 'I was not necessarily the best actress'

The star reflects on growing up in Hollywood and if she'd allow her kids to act ...Read More... //

7th Heaven Reunion Photo: 'Camdens' Gather at Jessica Biel's New Restaurant

Where can you go when the world dont treat you right? The answer is Jessica Biels new restaurant, apparently. Several of Biels former 7th Heaven co-stars Mackenzie Rosman, Beverley Mitchell, Barry Watson and Catherine Hicks attended the opening of her Los Angeles eateryAu Fudge on Friday, and Mitchell (bless her soul) posted a [] //

Haylie Duff on 7th Heaven Nostalgia, Wanting to Cameo on Younger Exclusive

Haylie Duff has played many roles in her career, but her latest role is mom.    Read More... //

Up TV Chief Defends '7th Heaven' Quiet Return Post-Stephen Collins Saga

The network originally removed the family drama because of blowback from star Collins' molestation scandal.   Read More... //

The '7th Heaven' Cast Reunited for the First Time in Seven Years

Jessica Biel , Stephen Collins, Barry Watson, David Gallagher, Catherine Hicks and Beverly Mitchell gathered for a family-style dinner on Tuesday.   Read More... //