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Another MTV cliche

I heart Tila Tequila, from a couple of years back before she became a household name because of her spunk. But now her show is the same old, same old tired MTV junk. Making out, binge drinking, physical fighting, cursing, and issues galore. Not one of my favourite shows to watch, in fact I havent watched it since the third episode. But it gives Tila greater publicity so I guess there is some balance there. But MTV seriously needs to review the script. After watching MTV for almost ten years, even I can write these things cause they are so predictable!

Tila Tequila

This was a really good show i'd have to admit. At first i didn't think it was too great because she was bi- but i found myself tuning in every week! I liked Bobby too he was really cute but i thought shae was gonna pick Dani in the end. That way she would get the best of both worlds, cause Dani was like a guy and a girl at the same time. She was pretty hot herself. lol. but i was rooting for Dani all season! Oh well. time to watch stuff they didnt show on tv. Right here on SIDEREEL.com