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Alphas' Season 2 Finale: When the Lights Go Down in the City

Alphas S02E12: "God's Eye" Disclaimer: I based this review on an advanced screener full of unfinished audio and special effects. In the past, Alphas screeners have been pretty close to what ended up airing, but I do want to acknowledge that my viewing experience may've been a little different than yours. That's all! After blowing our lids off last year with a big Season 1 finale, //


When we come to the end of a season of a somewhat-struggling genre show (in terms of ratings), with no word on whether or not it's coming back for another season, it's difficult to balance out all of our emotions and expectations. Will we get a closed ending or a cliffhanger? Will everyone survive the journey, or will big, terrible things happen as part of "go for broke" storytelling? Dani's death represented the "cost" and the biggest loss for Rosen and his team, but would there be more? Read More... //

Alphas Review: And We All Fall Down

As " God's Eye " so deftly points out,  Alphas  sure knows how to churn out jaw-dropping season finales. Of course, this comes with good and bad. The good being (potentially) awesome stories for next season; the bad? Very much on the bubble in terms of renewal or cancellation, it could very easily join a graveyard littered with sci-fi shows that never had a shot at closure. Aside from the incredibly flashy ending, most of tonight was centered far more quietly around our characters, as they continued to wade their way through the moral grey areas that have clouded the team for the duration of the season. Some have clearly hit rock bottom. //

Alphas Season 2 Review “God’s Eye”

In the  Alphas  season two finale, "God’s Eye," Dr. Rosen managed to wander the streets of New York hunting down Stanton Parish for at least ten hours despite profound blood loss from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. After being shot by one of Stanton Parish’s goons, Rosen entered into a delirium filled with visions of his daughter, Dani. His visions motivated him to stay alive and continue on to find Parish despite his failing physical state. Naturally, the first stop on his hallucination journey was to visit an Alpha with a remarkable healing ability who was located nearby. At her alternative medicine  shop, Rosen was able to have the bullet removed from his abdomen and have his wounds temporarily closed off by her Alpha superpower. Read More... //


Hey guys, with Matt Fowler away on a Vegas Vacation this week, I’m tackling the Alphas review – as the show continues a very strong run of episodes going into next week’s season finale… …and fingers crossed that it is indeed just a  season  finale, as Alphas has yet to be renewed by Syfy. It would be a real shame if Alphas didn’t come back too, because it’s a really underrated, cool series that seems oddly overlooked, even by many genre fans. "Need to Know" showed just how ruthless Rosen and Cam were about getting to Stanton Parish, and it wasn’t pretty. They used some very nasty tactics to try and get information from Cornell – and every time I thought they might second-guess themselves and stop, they didn’t. Rosen actually going through with forcing Cornell to burn himself was especially intense. Read More... //

Alphas Review: Crossing Boundaries

" Need to Know " served an excellent stepping stone, as  Alphas  heads into its season finale next week and pulls together new and old plot threads. Rosen’s newfound vengeance quickly made itself known with Scipio, and even with his descent from empathy, it’s rather admirable how much leadership he still wields with his team. That’s not to say the unit isn’t fracturing in two under his guidance, but this fracturing is something that’s been slowly widening as the season has progressed. As Rosen continues on his dark path, his use of manipulation, blackmail and force are at odds with the team, as Kat probably put it best: //

Alphas Season 2 Review “Need to Know”

I’m having a hard time figuring out who I’m supposed to be rooting for on  Alphas  anymore. When I used to feel conflicted about Rosen’s  Alphas  team versus Parish’s Red Flag , it had more to do with the possibility that both sides were trying to do the right thing in different ways. Now, especially after watching "Need to Know," I’m conflicted because it seems like everyone has become a monster. Rosen and Cam are so bent on vengeance that they’ve become completely disconnected from the people they once were. Rosen pushes his own team to their physical  limits and lets himself be provoked by a criminally deranged Alpha. Rosen used to be professional enough to be able to distance himself from that kind of reaction and clever enough to earn the trust of even the most guarded Alphas. Read More... //


I had a feeling, after watching the opening montage featuring Bill, Cam and Kat swipe suspects and feed them to Nina, that this was going to be a pretty nifty Alphas episodes. And not just because Marilyn Manson's "No Reflection" was playing (which I might  have actually just been listening to in my car today). "If Memory Serves" was billed as a sort of hijinx heavy Midnight Run-style episode featuring a guest star, Sean Astin (Goonies, LOTR Trilogy), as an eccentric Alpha. Which is not  the greatest thing to deliver to us so close to the endgame. But this chapter turned out to be damned effective; with each story really sizzling in its own way. Read More... //

Alphas Review: The Final Embers of Humanity

" If Memory Serves " did one thing well, it was this: cementing Rosen’s transition from an empathic character into a man who is cold and calculating. Thankfully,  Alphas  actually did multiple things well tonight. But we really need to start with Dr. Rosen. The juxtaposition as we learned more and more about Mitchell’s memory banked on Parish and that Parish does regret some of the actions he takes, particularly the human cost. That came more into focus as Rosen began to leave his humanity at the door. Read More... //

Alphas Season 2 Review “If Memory Serves”

The team  started off this week’s episode of  Alphas , "If Memory Serves," with a door-busting, room-raiding, montage of their Alpha arrests. The sensitive handling of  Alphas  that Rosen advocated in season one was a distant memory as Rosen’s gang teamed up with Clay’s government thugs to aggressively take down Parish’s network. It was an impressive, action packed  opening that eventually led into a handful of other story threads, the most significant being Hicks and Kat’s secret assignment to investigate a farmhouse belonging to Stanton Parish. What they found there was a man named Mitchell, who had an Alpha ability that seemed to allow him to download and upload memories through touch. Read More... //