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Tyra Banks Talks Contestants and Guests for 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13 - Featured

The shorties will reign this September once America's Next Top Model returns for its 13th Cycle. Supermodel and host Tyra Banks is as excited as the show's fans, as well as the contestants. The CW Source caught up with the celebrity and asked her about what the next season has to offer. Dubbed the "Shorty Edition," the upcoming installment of America's Next Top Model is hoping to break boundaries in the industry in terms of height. Even so, there's bound to be plenty of talented hopefuls that are gearing up to be the next big thing in the world of modeling. "We're shooting Top Model right now, Cycle 13," Tyra Banks said on the interview. She explained how every contestant is below 5'7", which poses more challenges for everyone involved. To Read More Click Here .

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 10 Winner Whitney Thompson Performs at Broadway Bares

Winning America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 has not limited Whitney Thompson to the catwalk, because she's dominating the stage as well. She was recently seen participating at the "Broadway Bares 19.0" event last Sunday. Held at the Roseland Ballroom, the performance was in support of the fight against AIDS. We previously reported that Whitney had her own webpage for the charity, and that she is working to use her influence for the development of the fundraiser. She was geared up to encourage others to donate to the cause, joining "Strip-a-thon" and even making an appearance on the day itself. On an interview with Broadway.com's Susan Blackwell, Whitney Thompson talked about how thrilling it was to be part of it all. It may not be so much of a Tyra Banks boot camp, but it's theatre. The plus-sized model can be seen on the video below. "I'm in a really fun number and I've been working with such a great cast and choreographer," Whitney exclaimed. "Obviously I have this really fun costume I get to wear. I'm just excited to get out on the stage. I'm doing it for a good cause." Source & Video

Kim Kardashian to Become Guest Judge for 'America's Next Top Model' 13

Reality stars are crossing over to other shows, just like Kim Kardashian heading over to The CW 's America's Next Top Model . She has confirmed on her official website that she'll be appearing on the hit competition as a guest judge. While it's something her fans will be excited about, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The thirteenth installment of the show is getting ready to air this September, according to The CW Source. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star will be seen on one episode, but details about the challenge haven't been released. Kim Kardashian is certainly excited at her upcoming participation in the show, even saying that the new twist is something worth looking out for. "Wow, this cycle is pretty amazing! It's definitely my favorite so far," she exclaimed. The reality celebrity said that working on the set was an unforgettable experience. "It was such an honor to be a guest judge!" Kim Kardashian went on. "I have watched this show for years and am such a huge Tyra Banks fan! She is such a smart business woman and such a role model!" Even though the twelfth season has just wrapped up, the schedule of America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 has already been released. On Wednesday, September 9, the network will be airing the series' "Shorty Edition" will in a two-hour special at 7pm. With a new batch of aspiring models and even more surprises, it's no wonder Kim Kardashian is raving about it. America's Next Top Model's 13th Cycle has been famed for choosing contestants with a height 5' 7" and under, considered short in the modeling industry. The requirement was released when Tyra and the producers decided to give shorter girls a chance, and it looks like it's going to be quite a season. The drama has already begun at the casting calls, when a stampede took place. Who knows what could happen when you put these aspiring models alongside Kim Kardashian herself? Source Here

Teyona Says It was "Crazy" Winning 'America's Next Top Model'

There's another season on the way, but it looks as though the America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 winner isn't ready to pass on the crown just yet. Teyona Anderson, who emerged victorious on the reality competition, recently talked about what it's like after her participation on the series. On an interview with IGN, the model discussed her experiences on camera, in addition to pointing out which was the most fun challenge for her. It wasn't her CoverGirl commercial, that's for sure. Asked about how being on a reality TV show felt, the America's Next Top Model 12 winner replied: "At first it was a little annoying being around all the cameras, but after awhile, once you get used to it, it's like they're not even there." To finally achieve her dream of taking home the title, Teyona had to undergo a number of obstacles - from every wild photo shoot to rocking the runway. However, what held the most excitement for her was neither. "I think the funnest challenge - I don't have a least favorite or favorite - but the funnest one was when we had the Samba dance. I'm not the greatest dancer, but it was a fun challenge, just learning how to dance and dancing with different partners." Before anyone knew it, Teyona Anderson made it as one of the top two finalists of the season, along with Allison Harvard. She wasn't even sure which of them would actually win, since it definitely was difficult to deduce. "Towards the end, especially when it got down to the two of us, I did not have a clue who was going to win, since we were so neck and neck," Teyona said. "At that point, you want it so bad. You want to win, but you really just don't know what's going to happen." Now that we all know who went home as America's Next Top Model, it's no longer a surprise that Teyona's sudden celebrity status is a huge transformation in her life. Laughing, the model said, "It's crazy, because people recognize me everywhere I go. I didn't think it was going to be like it was, but they're like, "Teyona!!" I'm like, "Oh my god..." Still, she's going to get used to it. These days, she's busy with looking for more work to establish herself in the industry. "As of right now," Teyona revealed, "I'm trying to get my portfolio strong enough, so I can get out there and meet designers and get ready for fashion week." Source Here

'America's Next Top Model' 10 Winner Whitney Thompson Bares it for Charity

Proving that models don't just have the looks but the personality as well, Whitney Thompson continues her altruistic endeavors by encouraging fans to help out. The winner of America's Next Top Model , best known for being the first plus-sized contestant to emerge victorious on the show, has decided to appear in "Broadway Bares" to support the fight against AIDS. Whitney Thompson has already been voted by MSN as one of the most influential women of 2008, and it looks like she's hoping to make this year's list too. On the 21st of June, the America's Next Top Model celebrity will be joining the fundraiser "Strip-a-thon" with other stars for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. On her donation page, it reads: "Your Donation to my Strip-A-Thon Page is allowing BC/EFA to provide support to The AIDS INITIATIVE; The Phyllis Newman WOMEN'S HEALTH INITIATIVE; The Al Hirschfeld FREE HEALTH CLINIC and much more at The Actors Fund - an employee assistance program for the entire entertainment industry." Through the organization, Whitney Thompson is also helping in giving grants to over 500 AIDS and family service associations all over the country. This includes "supporting food banks, health clinics and housing programs," and works with the charity God's Love We Deliver. The America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 winner is persuading everyone, those who may or may not have been directly affected by HIV or cancer, to send their donations to support the cause. In addition to raising money for research in the battle against the said diseases, the organization also helps the relatives of the victims. Some of these methods mentioned on the site are "[p]roviding rides to and from Doctor appointments, helping with medication needs, food and clothing for the families." Whitney Thompson has always displayed her drive to make a difference in the world, ever since she appeared on America's Next Top Model. She took on the job of spokesperson for Smile-Stylist and Right Fit, and now she's slowly achieving her role-model status. If you want to take part in the charity, visit Whitney's Broadway Cares page here. Source Here

'America's Next Top Model' 11 Winner McKey Sullivan Spotted at Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week

Fashion model McKey Sullivan made headlines once again as she walked the runway on the recently concluded Trinidad and Tobago second Fashion Week. The winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 11, she grabbed the attention of audiences as she walked for Heather Jones. The 20-year-old statuesque beauty was interviewed by the Caribbean Fashion Style Journal and she was smiling all throughout the chat. McKey was asked about what she thought of the place, and she expressed her excitement over Trinidad. "This is my first time," McKey Sullivan revealed. "Before I came though, I did a lot of research and reading up on Trinidad - the culture, the history, the people - and so I was really excited to come! Trinidad is wonderful. The ethnic and religious diversity is amazing - so many different people and the girls are pretty!" As for the Fashion Week in the area, the America's Next Top Model standout also praised the event. "It's been great!" Sullivan exclaimed. "It's so much more relaxed and less structured than shows I've been to, which allows the models to improvise. This adds spice!" She also went on to give her opinion on the clothes. "The colours and the fabrics used by the designers: you KNOW that this is not a European designer, or a US designer - this is a Caribbean designer! You feel that. And you can see all the influences, I love that." To Read More Click Here .

Checking Up on the 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 12 Contestants

While it was Teyona Anderson who took home the win for America's Next Top Model 's 12th Cycle, the recent season managed to come up with a number of memorable personalities. With thirteen contestants at the time, there's no doubt that each of the girls stood out in their own way. This caused many to take notice of them, which is why it looks like the models won't find themselves out of a job anytime soon. Below, you can read about what's been going on lately for the Cycle 12 girls of America's Next Top Model - from Teyona to runner-up Allison Harvard, as well as the sweet and freckled Fo Porter and the outspoken London. Having won management and representation from Elite Model Management and all those other deals, one prize of Teyona's that many anticipated was the Seventeen magazine appearance. She appeared on the cover as the latest winner of America's Next Top Model, in addition to a six-page fashion spread for the publication. To See More Click here .

Ed Westwick = hot at 2009 Glamour UK Women of the Year Awards

Ed Westwick Pics here never heard of those awards but, my, Ed looks hot. agree? Ed Westwick Pics here

Tyra Banks' Statement Regarding Paulina Porizkova's 'ANTM' Exit

For those who are following the story of " America's Next Top Model " firing judge Paulina Porizkova, the case seemed to be decided based on personal matters. However, in a just released statement, producer Ken Mok and the show's host Tyra Banks said that it was the limited budget that drove them to the dismissal. "The current state of the economy has forced shows to make major budget cuts industry wide," Mok said on Monday, May 18 in a joint statement with Tyra. "America's Next Top Model is not immune to these financially challenging times. We've had to make significant cuts in every area of the production and, unfortunately, Paulina was a casualty of these cuts." The statement goes on further, "Tyra, who pursued Paulina to join the show as a judge multiple times, was incredibly saddened by the decision the show was forced to make. We really enjoyed working with Paulina, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors." Porizkova made it clear last week that she was fired from the show on her birthday back in April. She was not given clear reason but had a theory that it was her big ego that cost her the job. "So I figured it was either that or my gigantic huge ego. Which I wasn't aware of until I was told by the producers that I have an ego problem," she said on "The Billy Bush Show". Few days later she released another statement saying that she has a problem with Tyra being late six hours while her own time is considered not important. However, in a more recent statement, the supermodel wanted to make it clear that she holds no grudge against Tyra and Co. "I don't think they meant anything ill [by firing] on my birthday," she revealed. "They just didn't check. They're not bad people by any means. None of them. Not Tyra. Not the producers. And I actually had a really good time with Nigel and Ms. Jay and Mr. Jay. It was great. It was a really fun job." Source here

Interview: Teyona the Winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Teyona Anderson, the winner of Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model . Teyona won America's Next Top Model with one of the most dominant performances in the history of the show. The finale was the first time she was in the bottom two. And only one of Teyona's photos before had found her below the top three in call-out order. From day one the judges were enamored with Teyona's unique alien beauty and even created a new adjective to describe her face, "wind blown." Teyona and I talked about her favorite ANTM moment that we didn't see on TV, the surprising judge she felt the most support from, how while the rest of us knew she was winning, she wasn't so sure and what about being America's Next Top Model is most exciting. To Read More Click Here .