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Tonight's TV Hot List for Wednesday, March 4 - Featured

* America's Next Top Model (8 pm/ET The CW ) Top Model is back, baby! And tonight's playful two-hour 12th-season premiere brings together 34 gorgeous goddesses to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Of course, only 13 will survive the initial hour and move into a luxurious Upper East Side apartment in New York City where the real fun and catty games begin. The beautiful baker's dozen walk their first runway and then bring classic childhood games to life in a joyous Central Park photo shoot. * Lost (9 pm/ET ABC) What an island! Locke even rose from the dead to return. More likely, he was resurrected (if that's what happened) because his body was returned. With transformative powers like that, you'd think that Ben and Widmore are fighting over it because they each want to open a spa there. No? You're right. Smoke monsters aren't tourist-friendly. And all the shooting! The powers don't work on everyone. There's more shoot-em-up tonight, and you'll also meet new folks. But the main focus is on Juliet and Sawyer. * High School Reunion (10 pm/ET TVLAND) The hijinks perpetrated last week by merry pranksters Dennis and Manny may have been all in good fun, but it was no laughing matter to some of their classmates, who go as far as to demand that the lead reunion-crasher, Dennis, be shown the door. Meanwhile, Tom is out of sorts and looking for an explanation when Scott H. asks Kara - Tom's ex-wife - out on a hall pass. * Make Me a Supermodel (10 pm/ET BRAVO) Bravo's got a passion for fashion: It's a new season of catwalks and catfights as Season 2 of the model-themed competition show kicks off tonight. Sixteen new model-wannabes invade New York City to learn about pose and poise, and they'll scale new heights in their very first challenge. Here, they must conjure up an intimate moment - in a glass box suspended high above New York. And the new season brings a new look. While Tyson Beckford returns as host, Season 1 cohost Niki Taylor does not. In addition, Nicole Trunfio is the models' mentor, and the judge panelists include designer Catherine Malandrino, model Jenny Shimizu, photographer Perou, and model scout Marlon. * Hudson Plane Crash - What Really Happened (10 pm/ET DISCOVERY CHANNEL) With a war on two fronts, rampant layoffs, foreclosures and bailout controversies headlining the news, it's safe to say this country has been aching for a story we can all feel good about. Enter US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger, the hero of Flight 1549, who, on Jan. 15, 2009, pulled off an emergency landing in the Hudson River without a single life lost. Film footage and interviews with crew members and other survivors highlight this look back at the miraculous landing. Source here

Week of 3/1 - Ten Things We Can't Wait For! - Featured

This week of television is brimming with awesome things. This year's February sweeps have been relocated to March, so all of our favorite shows will be loaded up with fun guest stars and big plots beginning this week! 10 things we are most excited for: 1. New episodes of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory ! After a month off for the former and half that for the latter, it's exciting to see 2 of the best comedies on TV back with new episodes. 2. Premiere of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ! I was as quick with the Jimmy Fallon Haterade as anyone else, but his pre-show vlogs have been progressively improving, so much so that I am kind of excited for tonight's premiere. Remember, all late night hosts need some time to find their rhythm... 3. The return of Reaper ! Reaper fans have been patiently waiting for months and the show is finally back with a cleverly Star Wars referenced episode title, "A New Hope". 4. New cycle of America's Next Top Model ! I am devastated that my favorite reality TV show, Top Chef , has finished up, but luckily my 2nd fave, Top Model, is back with a 2 hour premiere for its new cycle this Wednesday! 5. Lost ! - Needs pretty much no introduction (it has been that awesome lately)...just a disclaimer that you better soak up this all new Sawyer-centric episode as the show is breaking next week. 6. Make Me a Supermodel 2 premieres on Bravo! It's kind of the poor woman's ANTM, but I'm a sucker for any model-themed reality TV. This Wednesday, Make Me a Supermodel returns, and with a replacement co-host for Tyson Beckford; perhaps she's more exciting than the rather dry Nikki Taylor. 7. Top Chef Reunion episode! Watch the inevitable crowning of Fabio as this season's Fan Favorite and find out whatever juicy dirt Bravo has been saving up for us during this run of Top Chef. 8. All new NBC Thursday! For the first time in over a month, NBC's entire Thursday night line-up of My Name Is Earl , Kath and Kim , The Office , 30 Rock and ER are all All New. Yay! 9. Burn Notice concludes its season! Series star Jeffrey Donovan teases that we will finally meet the person who burned Michael in this week's Season 2 Finale. 10. New York, New York on Friday Night Lights ! If you're watching FNL this season on NBC as I am (as opposed to in the Fall on DirecTV), this Friday's episode sends beloved paraplegic quarterback Jason Street off to New York. What are you most looking forward to on television this week?

Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model to Feature Twist

While we first thought this story might be a tall tale, it seems to be true. For Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model , the producer's have added a twist: short models. While previous seasons have required ANTM hopefuls to stand over 5'7 , Cycle 13 will require all contestants to be 5'7 or shorter. According to Jeff Tobler, a publicist for The CW , "for this current cycle, they (contestants) must be 5 7 and under. Anyone over 5 7 would not be considered to be a contestant on this cycle." You did not hallucinate that last sentence. Despite the fact that the average working runway model is well over 5'8'', ANTM has decided to bring on the shorties. Seeing that ANTM has already had a difficult time getting it's competitors to transition from reality TV to the real runway, it would seem that the show has simply given up on crowning bookable high fashion models. We have to admit, this decision has left us scratching our head in confusion. The previous 11 Cycle's of ANTM have consistently talked down to catalog models and girls who look "too commercial." In the modeling world, catalog and "too commercial" are often interchangeable with "too short for the runway." So have Tyra and Co. decided to focus on finding America's Next Great Catalog Model, rather than America's Next Top Model? Furthermore, aren't there more important body and size related issues in fashion than height? It would make much more sense for Tyra and Co. to host a Cycle filled with Plus Sized contestants, for whom there is plenty of work both in catalogs and on the runway, rather than a season filled with short models. If Tyra really does want to change the face and figure of fashion, as she has claimed for the past 11 Cycle's on ANTM, she is certainly going about it in a strange way. While the world has long called for more realistic standards in the modeling industry, we don't think they were talking about height Tyra. Source here

America's Next Top Model: The Girls' First Interviews - Featured

It's time to get to know a little more about your Cycle 12 contestants from America's Next Top Model . In preparation for the premiere of Cycle 12, The CW has just posted individual pre-show interviews with each of the 13 finalists. Each interview gives you about two minutes with the finalists, in which they discuss important topics like how long they've wanted to be models, Top Model make-overs, their favorite food and films, and what gives them an edge over their competition. While there are no major revelations in the introductory interviews, they do give you a better sense of the contestants. For example, I learned that Fo wants to be the Obama of ANTM and bring hope to the modeling world and that Isabella should not be trusted with liquid eye-liner. After watching the interviews I also have a better idea of the strong personalities of Cycle 12. While there are no Jade's this cycle (she of self-aggrandizing third-person-speak) it seems like Jessica and Natalie are the Cycle bitches: both are far too confident about their looks and their likelihood of success on ANTM. To read my musings on each of the finalists interviews, follow the jump. To Read More Click Here .

CW Pushes ANTM Premiere to March 4th

The CW has pushed the premiere of the new cycle of America's Next Top Model one week later, to March 4th. However, the bonus is that on the 4th a double, 2-hour premiere episode will now be airing beginning at 8PM/ Also debuting the same evening is the second season of Bravo 's Make Me a Supermodel , so that's 3 straight hours of reality-model-TV for us junkies! Source: zap2it

Clay Aiken, Guest Judge on 'America's Next Top Model'

" America's Next Top Model " has invited Clay Aiken to be one of the guest judges in a future episode. Entertainment Weekly reported that the " American Idol " season 2 runner up will be involved in an acting challenge for the contestants. Aiken for one thing, has submerged himself in the theater world last year. He played Sir Robin in Monty Python's "Spamalot" that opened at Shubert Theater in Spring 2008 and reprised the role in fall that year before winding it down last month. The twelfth season of "America's Next Top Model" will premiere on Wednesday, February 25. Clay Aiken's episode will air in April and R'n'B singer Ciara will also be seen paying a visit to a photo shoot. Source here

Fierce 'America's Next Top Model' Book Due for Release

The producers of America's Next Top Model have a surprise in store for the show's die-hard fans. Coming to bookstores this April is a book based on the Tyra Banks reality show, labeled as a fierce guide to life, which is not just for aspiring models. Many who enjoy the glamour that comes with the runway will truly be thrilled with the book, which promises to teach readers how to live fiercely. Of course, it looks like this involves the proper know-how in the modeling business. Such tips include applying makeup and even a lesson in runway etiquette.'' The contents of the book also cover basics in the business, like how to keep yourself hyrdrated and how to fit clothes to your body (apparently, there's a better way of doing that). Despite all the tricks the pages contain, it teaches readers one thing we've all heard from America's Next Top Model: beauty starts on the inside. They can tell us that over and over but what we're still just seeing is how these women appear on the outside. Even so, the chapter on inner beauty might just help the legions of readers suffering from self-image issues. It claims that the book will guide audiences recognize the destructive power of your own negative judgments about yourself, as well as help you ignore the outside damaging opinions of others that may wear on your inner beauty. Anyway, there's another fierce tip they've got in the book: how to look your best while wearing a crop top from Hot Topic. It may not sound like much, but there are still people who think this matters a lot. Contestants of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 probably wish they had a chance to peek at the pages of this tome before they auditioned for the show. Below are a few pictures from the book, and there's no doubt that fans will be ecstatic as this fierce guide is swamped with images like these. Source here

ANTM Premiere Date Set - Featured

Have you too been missing Tyra Banks's weekly dose of crazy on America's Next Top Model ? Well, the wait is coming to an end as the next Cycle (Cycle 12) now has a premiere date: February 25th. Curious about the new contestants? Here they are: Allison, 20, artist; New Orleans Aminat, 21, student; Union, N.J. Celia, 25, designer fashion sales; Cynthiana, Ky. Fo, 19, student; Albuquerque, N.M. Isabella, 19, aspiring model; Barboursville, Va. Jessica, 18, student; Bradenton, Fla. Kortnie, 24, nonprofit organizer; Houston London, 18, student; Arlington, Texas Natalie, 19, student; Palos Verdes, Calif. Nijah, 18, aspiring model; Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Sandra, 19, student; Rockville, Md. Tahlia, 18, student; Phoenix Teyona, 20, loss prevention representative; Woodstown, N.J. Also, curious about what some of the previous cycles' particpants are up to? Check out Where are they Now? Source: E!Online

Tyra Rolls Out New Model Wannabes

We figured that it would be nearly impossible to top the headline-worthy contestants on the last cycle of America's Next Top Model . Good thing then that, at least on paper, it appears as though Tyra Banks didn't even try. The CW has unveiled the newest group of catwalking wannabes set to compete on the 12th edition of the reality hit. And while there's nary a transgender in sight among the 13 contestants, there are plenty of students, full-time aspiring models and, possibly to dispel the notion of superficiality within modeling's ranks, a nonprofit organizer. As always, Banks returns to helm the modeling boot camp and is once again joined at the judges' panel by former supermodel Paulina Porizkova, "noted" photographer Nigel Barker and runway force of nature "Miss J," J. Alexander. Alexander and photo shoot overlord Jay Manuel are also back to mentor the contestants. The women will be battling it out for the grand prize, which this year consists of representation by Elite Model Management, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, and a cover and six-page spread in Seventeen magazine. The new season kicks off Feb. 25. Here's the complete list of contestants: * Allison, 20, artist; New Orleans * Aminat, 21, student; Union, N.J. * Celia, 25, designer fashion sales; Cynthiana, Ky. * Fo, 19, student; Albuquerque, N.M. * Isabella, 19, aspiring model; Barboursville, Va. * Jessica, 18, student; Bradenton, Fla. * Kortnie, 24, nonprofit organizer; Houston * London, 18, student; Arlington, Texas * Natalie, 19, student; Palos Verdes, Calif. * Nijah, 18, aspiring model; Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. * Sandra, 19, student; Rockville, Md. * Tahlia, 18, student; Phoenix * Teyona, 20, loss prevention representative; Woodstown, N.J. Source here

ANTM: Where Are They Now? - Whitney, Fatima and More

Jezebel ran a piece about what some of our favorite ANTM contestants are up to these days. Check it out: America's Next Top Model: Where Are They Now?