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America's Next Top Model Latest Episode: Season 13, Episode 6 - 'Dance With Me'

The nine remaining models are taught to dance without expressions on their faces by Benny Ninja. Later, a Cirque du Soleil-inspired photo shoot takes place in Las Vegas. Petite model Josie Maran is a guest judge. Watch & Discuss: Watch America's Next Top Model: Season 13, Episode 6 - 'Dance With Me' Read America's Next Top Model's Review: Season 13, Episode 6 - 'Dance With Me'

Interview: Bianca Richardson of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13

This morning I had the pleasure to talk to Bianca Richardson, the 21-year-old student from Washington, D.C. and latest eliminee from America's Next Top Model Cycle 13. I was initially intimidated to talk with Bianca, given her rather harsh edit on the show as a woman with a hard exterior, who perhaps had an even harder time relating to other people. But I found Bianca to be very open and honest about her experience on ANTM and her goals for the future, and mature about her portrayal on the program, which didn't exactly show her full personality, she claimed. To Read More Click Here .

Misconduct Lands 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 5 Contestant Behind Bars

There's a thin line between spunky and over-reacting to granola bar theft. If you remember the temper of Brittany "Bre" Scullark on America's Next Top Model Cycle 5, you probably won't be surprised about her recent brush with the law. According to TMZ, the famed contestant on the hit reality television series was arrested in New York City a couple of weeks ago for her disorderly conduct. She supposedly lost control at a local Starbucks establishment, when a woman accused her of stealing her laptop. The report goes on to say that Bre Scullark was at the coffee shop and simply picked up a computer that wasn't hers. She thought it belonged to a family member but was mistaken. The lady then confronted her about it and asked her to return the device. Unfortunately for her, the America's Next Top Model semi-finalist didn't hand it over easily. Bre started cussing the woman out, insulting the stranger and insisting that the laptop was owned by a relative. Why they just didn't check the files in the PC to settle it, I don't know. The police were soon called and she was taken into custody, then issued a court summons. She may need to use her Top Model charm when she appears in front of a judge soon. This isn't the first time we've witnessed a display of Bre Scullark's unruly behavior. As I mentioned earlier, the still-unsolved granola bar incident is probably listed in the Top Model history books. Back when she was competing in Cycle 5, she got involved in an argument with fellow contestant Nicole Linkletter (who ended up winning, btw). Bre accused Nicole of stealing her granola bar, fuming because she didn't want anyone taking her food. To retaliate, the aggravated Scullark poured her enemy's energy drinks down the drain to dispose of them. The only way they reconciled was when Tyra paired them up together on a shoot in London. While there's still no date on her court appearance, Bre might need to get herself enrolled in an anger management class. This is simply taking fierce too seriously. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

America's Next Top Model Latest Episode: Season 13, Episode 5 - 'Take My Photo, Tyra!'

Tyra conducts the photo shoot and wraps the models in colorful fabrics. Petite model China Chow is a guest judge. Watch & Discuss: Watch America's Next Top Model: Season 13, Episode 5 - 'Take My Photo, Tyra!' Read America's Next Top Model's Review: Season 13, Episode 5 - 'Take My Photo, Tyra!'

ANTM Episode 3 Bonus Clips: More Footage from "Fortress of Fierceness"

America's Next Top Model : the (ridiculous) gift that just keeps on giving (the vicarious embarrassment LOLs). So, in the spirit of Tyra, here are many more bonus clips from last week's episode 3, "Fortress of Fierceness." Be especially sure to check out the full confrontation between Jennifer and Bianca about "dishes," and that little ol' ray of sunshine Laura's dinner conversation with the Wihelmina Models President. Source & Video

America's Next Top Model: Brittany, Laura and Kara's 'Seventeen' Prom Spread

Last week on America's Next Top Model , Brittany won the "best runway walk" challenge, receiving the oh-so coveted prize of posing in a prom dress "advertorial" spread in Seventeen magazine along with two pals. She chose Kara and Laura to get high school dance dolled up with her. It's not exactly prom season just yet, but we found three high quality photos from the shoot, which advertised Xcite brand dresses. Check out the aspiring ANTM Cycle 13 models working it below! To See More Click Here .

Interview: Lulu Braithwaite of America's Next Top Model Cycle 13

This morning I had the pleasure to talk with Lulu Braithwaite, the 19-year-old aspiring model from Brooklyn who, to the shock of many fans, seemed to go from sweetheart to smack-talker in the blink of an eye last night on America's Next Top Model. I had an exclusive chance to ask Lulu about her experience in the Top Model house, including what she thought of her surprising role reversal last night, which she informed me wasn't a reversal at all. In a tough competition like America's Next Top Model , trash talking happens, and she wasn't shy to say that she was a part of it. it turns out shyness just isn't Lulu's thing: she also informed me that she regularly walked around naked in the house, to the initial shock of a few of her new roommates! To Read More Click Here .

America's Next Top Model Preview Video: Take My Photo, Tyra!

On next Wednesday's episode of America's Next Top Model , the 10 remaining models head to a photo studio, where they are presented with a very tall gift with a sign that says: "Pull here." Source & Preview

ANTM Episode 2 Bonus Clips: Behind the Scenes Cycle 13 Drama

For those of you who got to the end of the 2-hour Cycle 13 premiere of America's Next Top Model and thought, "I WANT MORE!" well, have I got a very exciting surprise for YOU! Now you get more! Check out these 11 (!) behind the scenes clips from the Cycle 13 ANTM premiere, which are actually pretty fascinating for two reasons: 1. Unedited, candid sh*t-talking 2. NO TYRA! The clips revolve around the 14 finalists' initial makeovers, and then their first photo shoot, in which each girl was asked to reenact one of her baby photos. To Watch The Video Click Here . Source Here

ANTM Episode 1 Bonus Clips: Hidden Talents and Home Videos, Ahoy!

More America's Next Top Model bonus clips for your above-and-beyond enjoyment! This time, check out a couple of the girls' audition tapes, including Laura down home on the farm and Sundai's full Pictionary experience, plus clips from their first confessionals and runway challenge. What I like best: in the last clip, we see that Bianca's got the claws out even BEFORE we caught on that she must have shaved off her kindness along with her hair. To Watch The Video Click Here . Source Here