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'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 1 Winner Adrianne Curry Could Be Chewbacca

Tyra Banks may have introduced us to thirteen cycles of America's Next Top Model over the years, but it's difficult to forget the first winner of the show. Adrianne Curry really is memorable, not only for emerging victorious in the competition, but also for her personality. The self-proclaimed geek recently talked about her love of the Star Wars franchise, along with which character she most relates to in the films. She's not the type to answer Princess Leia or even Padme. Apparently, Adrienne Curry is more like Chewie. When Starwars.com asked the model about which character she identifies with, Curry answered, "Chewbacca, cause I am a huge, hairy, big-footed woman with a low voice. Most of the time, because of my mumbling habit, people can't understand what I am saying. I swear he's related to me. My dad must be part Wookiee." As amusing as that sounds, the interview just gets better. The America's Next Top Model winner went on to discuss just how deep her fascination with Star Wars is. From collecting comics to toys, Adrianne Curry really is quite a fan. "I have a little Star Wars collection in my office -- mostly just signed photos of some of my favorite characters (Boba Fett), and a few pieces of Tom Hodges art (love his stuff!)," she said. "My pride and joy would be my Boba Fett photo autographed by Jeremy Bulloch. Boba is my all time favorite character." It's not so perplexing that Adrianne Curry holds Star Wars to a high regard, and that she's proud of being on the George Lucas bandwagon. "Star Wars is so epic. Just hearing music from it makes me feel like I am an excited little kid again. I am proud to be a Star Wars fan because I believe it proves I am a creative dreamer," the America's Next Top Model star said. "Normal people buy into passing fads, but geeks seem to sniff out the real winners," Curry added. "We should be celebrated for our hand in making history with such epic things." Source here