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America's Next Top Model Alum Natalie Pack Wins Miss California Pageant

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 alum Natalie Pack just beat out a slew of girls (including the competition’s first openly lesbian contestant) to be crowned Miss California 2012!You may remember Natalie as the first contestant in ANTM history to skip getting a drastic new look during makeovers, because Tyra & Co. deemed her to be modelly-looking enough on her own! She ultimately finished in sixth place on her cycle, but is on her way to Miss USA 2012, which more than makes up for... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/2DfEmrI7QHs/americas-next-top-model-alum-natalie-pack-wins-miss-california-pageant-

America's Next Top Model: Catching Up with Cycle 12's Celia and Aminat

America's Next Top Model has ended another Cycle and there's not much to report. Other than the announcement that next season's heading to New Zealand, we don't have a lot of news on the show. As for the models, we've heard some stuff here and there, notably about Cycle 12's Celia Ammerman and Aminat Ayinde. Along with winner Teyona and runner-up Allison, they became Cycle 12's final four and at least deserve some recognition. Anyway, they revealed their current hang-ups to Out.com, in addition to some comments regarding the show they've been on. Celia, noted for her fashion sense and age, revealed that she's been keeping herself busy working at Prada. Other than that and "general gallivanting," she said that she's been appearing in magazines and walking in runway shows. That may sound typical, but it's really not. "I was the creative director, model, and stylist for a full page spread in the Mother's Day issue of the New York Post," Celia revealed. She also "walked in Spring 2010 runway shows for both Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman and Kenley Collins" (from Project Runway) and "had the honor of being in Scott Schuman's hardcover book The Sartorialist." Aminat, meanwhile, graduated from college after her stint on America's Next Top Model, something she's been hoping to accomplish for some time. "I graduated from William Paterson University with a B.S. in Biology and a double minor in Chemistry and African/African American Caribbean Studies," she said. "Very excited about that, but besides finishing college, I've been on the task of signing with a modeling agency here in New York City." Cycle 12 second runner-up Aminat continued: "I've been focusing on modeling as a full-time profession and sometimes it's a good week and other times it's a bit rough, but I'm pushing along and staying focused on being the next supermodel." As for what they thought of their Top Model experience, Celia had this to say about Tyra: "Tyra is truly enchanting, spellbinding even -- and yet so delightfully goofy and playful. I remember her being genuinely invested and interested in each one of us. I was honored to be a part of her science experiment." Source Here

America's Next Top Model: Episode 5 Predictions

Last week was all about the runway, while this week's America's Next Top Model will be all about posing. That means one of our absolute favorite ANTM guests, Benny Ninja will make an appearance, as he tries to teach these girls what a fierce poser is made of. The girls will be putting Benny's posing lessons to work in a posing challenge and in this week's vintage-inspired photo shoot at New York's historic Ellis Island. The fact that the episode is all about posing will surely benefit some of this Cycle's natural posers: London and Fo. I just know that both these ladies, while short in stature, are going to serve up some gigantic poses. Each cycle Benny Ninja falls in love with one girl, and we predict that this Cycle it will be London. Though jack-of-all-trades Celia and the awkward adorableness of Allison may also impress Mr. Ninja. (Yes, I had to call him Mr. Ninja, at least once.) While some girls will soar during the posing challenges, some girls will most certainly sink. Save last week's stunning photo, Sandra has proven time and time again that she doesn't know her angles and is thus far, an uninspired poser. I also foresee Kortnie struggling with the posing challenge. Kortnie's a gorgeous girl, but none of her poses have impressed me and she still has a lot to learn about how to work her body. The other girl who is surely going to struggle is Tahlia, who's total lack of confidence is going to hurt her. The dark-horse to stun in the posing challenge is alien-beauty Teyona, who seems to know her angles and who wowed Nigel Barker with her poses. To Read More Click Here .

Video Preview of Episode 4

Last week's America's Next Top Model was all about makeovers, and this week the transformation will continue. With their brand new hair-do's (and plenty of don'ts) the girls will be schooled in runway etiquette and charm by the one and only Miss J. Just like the makeover episode, Miss J's runway school is always an episode to look forward to, especially since Miss J's teachings get more ridiculous with every cycle. And of course, there's a hilarious humiliation aspect to the episode, because without fail at least one of the girls will somehow look like she has never walked before taking her first runway steps. (Our bets for this cycle's awful walker? All signs point to Allison.) After their runway lessons with Miss J, the girls' walks will be put to the test in a Jill Stuart fashion show. At the show the girls are surprised by two previous Top Model contestants, though who the contestants are will be a surprise to all of us. We're guessing, since they are there to offer runway advice, it would be a couple of ANTM's better runway strutters. In my dream ANTM universe that would mean Cycle 10's Anya Kop and Cyle 3's Toccarra Jones offering advice to the girls, but it will more likely be someone like Saleisha Stowers. For this week's photo shoot, the girls will be seeing the sights of New York City in one of the city's famous double-decker tour buses and doing their shoots at some important NYC landmarks. The girls will be posing in pairs as well-heeled New York high society ladies. How much do you want to bet that Mr. Jay and Tyra cite The CW 's own Gossip Girl as a source of inspiration for the girls to draw from? From the preview video it looks like our early favorite Celia is paired with the evil one, Sandra, for her photo shoot. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Sandra doesn't find a way to sabotage the fabulous Celia and that the two manage to take a fierce shot, in which Celia outshines Sandra, of course. Take a look for yourself at what's coming this week: To Watch The Videos Click Here .

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Video Preview of Episode 3

This week's episode of America's Next Top Model is all about make-overs. Instead of making us wait a few eliminations for the always awesome make over episode, Tyra and Co. have cut right to the drama-filled dye jobs. This guarantees there will be at least: one make over meltdown, one awful weave, and at least two girls who should never go near a bottle of peroxide becoming platinum blonde. We're excited to see who Tyra waves her magic blonde wand over, though we are worried that she'll take the edge away from some of our favorite contestants if she turns them girl-next-door blonde. After their make overs the girls have their first photo shoot with acclaimed fashion photographer, ANTM judge, and all-around sexy British man, Nigel Barker. As long as it means we hear Nigel barking some orders with that British accent, we are all for a Nigel photo shoot. However, we're also excited that Nigel is making the girls participate in the photo shoot beyond sitting and looking pretty. For this photo challenge, Nigel will make the contestants do their own lighting, which could be both hilarious and disastrous. While a model can make or break a photo-shoot, so can lighting--so the girls have two ways to succeed and fail at this challenge. Beyond the make over and light-your-own-photo-shoot drama, it looks like the Evil African Queen Sandra will continue her reign as the most unlikable girl in the house. To Watch The Video Click Here . Source here