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ANTM Alum Raina Hein Stars in Bon Iver Music Video

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 runner-up Raina Hein is the star of Bon Iver's ‘80s-tastic music video for their new single, "Calgary." Let us clarify: The video is ‘80s-tastic — not the song. The song is the same mellow, smooth indie folk that Bon Iver fans have come to know and love from the band, but the music vid for their dreamy single "Calgary," off their upcoming self-titled sophmore album, is an awesome homage to all ‘80s fantasy flicks set in the woods. After... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/z7E3oMj21m0/antm-alum-raina-hein-stars-in-bon-iver-music-video

'Top Model' News: New Opportunities for Cycle 14's Krista, Raina and Alexandra

The finalists from the recently concluded Cycle 14 of America's Next Top Model have been quite busy lately. Runner-up Raina's booked a new campaign while Alexandra is scouting for an agency. Meanwhile, Krista has projects up ahead to, in addition to making an Indy 500 appearance. Read on below to find out the details. America's Next Top Model runner-up Raina Hein has signed up with the multi-brand boutique Symphony and headed to Dubai to shoot their new Autumn/Winter campaign. According to the Symphony Style blog, the model was their first choice in this big project. Her performance on the CW's reality competition just blew them away, and we can see why. "It is a great opportunity for both Symphony and Raina to be working side by side as we are both up-and-coming names venturing into the competitive world of international high fashion!" Symphony Style LLC CEO Salama Alabbar exclaimed. The blog also boasts of photos taken with the America's Next Top Model finalist, particularly when she had an exclusive luncheon at the Armani Hotel. Dubai's La Moda website even presented this video clip of Raina expressing her excitement over the affair. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Angelea Preston of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14

In the first half of Wednesday's special two-hour America's Next Top Model finale, Tyra and her judges narrowed down their field of four to two--leaving by the wayside Angelea Preston, the dominating personality of the season who couldn't quite dominate her photo shoots all the way to the end. But don't feel sorry for this Buffalo, New York native--she doesn't! I caught up with Angelea the day after the finale aired to ask about how she felt to make the Final Four, what changed about her attitude since we saw her on Cycle 12 and her response to Jay Manuel's claim that this was the end of her modeling career, not the beginning. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Krista White of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14

The morning after she officially became the fourteenth America's Next Top Model, Krista White took time out of her busy day to tell me about her experience on the show and how, even down to the very last minute, she was sure someone else would win the title. Check out what the tall dramatic beauty from Pine Bluff, Arkansas had to say about her exciting new opportunities, how Top Model changed her life and her attitude and what she hopes young girls can learn from her example. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Raina Hein of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14

After a jampacked two-hour America's Next Top Model finale, Tyra's two Cycle 14 finalists, Raina Hein and Krista White, stood before her to learn which had earned the title of Top Model. It was a tough decision, and in the end Krista's hard-edged beauty won out over Raina's unique fresh face. Though the gorgeous, wide-eyed Minnesota native walked away without a crown, she still walked away with a lot, including some advice she'll never forget from Tyra Banks, the drive to accomplish her dream as an international fashion model and the bragging rights of being Top Two on Top Model--her favorite show. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Alexandra Underwood of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14

In the first half of Wednesday's special two-hour America's Next Top Model finale, Tyra and her judges narrowed down their field of four to two--leaving by the wayside Alexandra Underwood, the curvy, quiet (or so it seemed) blond bombshell from Texas. After watching the elimination unfold anew, Alexandra took the time to chat with me about her Top Model experience, and surprised me with what she revealed about her struggles in the house, how she's different than she seemed on TV and why her elimination wasn't fully justified. To Read More Click Here .

Tyra Names America's Newest Top Model

Krista is the 14th winner of America's Next Top Model following a hotly contested CoverGirl commercial and shoot and a final Anna Sui runway walk-off. It came down to aspiring models Krista White and Raina Hein. It didn't look good for Krista when she froze up during the commercial shoot (I know, shocking). Raina also struggled with the challenge, fumbling a few lines. Do you think the right girl won? Source Here

'America's Next Top Model' - Who Will Win Cycle 14?

We are finally down to four contestants on 'America's Next Top Model' and while each of the women have had good photos, only one can win. There are several factors that have to be considered for all the contestants. Firstly, this is Tyra's show, and she has a big say.With Andre Leon Talley replacing Miss J on the judging panel, Tyra will want to keep him happy by supporting some of his decisions. There are also two voices that have big influence: Wilhelmina Models president Sean Patterson and Seventeen editor-in-chief Ann Shoket. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Jessica Serfaty of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14

With her beautiful face, bubbling-over energy and bouyant attitude, Jessica Serfaty, 18, had no trouble winning over the judges and the viewers of America's Next Top Model cycle 14. But what attracted us most actually ended up being her undoing in the final five: after weeks of asking Jessica to get edgier in her photo shoots, Tyra deemed the gorgeous girl "too commercial" for the competition, and sent her home to her young son and husband in Conway, Arkansas. I had the chance to ask Jessica about her Top Model experience in New York City and New Zealand. What did she think of all the fighting between the two cliques in the house? Who surprised her most by making it into the final four? And does she plan to embrace her "commercial" image or fight to look edgy and prove Tyra wrong? To Read More Click here .

Eliminated Alasia Ballard Talks 'Top Model': 'It Was Really Cutthroat'

From the moment she stepped on set in a wig and thrashed on the floor in front of her idol Tyra Banks, Alasia Ballard, 18, was undeniably one of the most entertaining Top Model contestants this cycle--maybe even of all cycles. I mean, she inspired both my favorite soundbite ("Shut up, shut up, that's how girls get BEAT UP!") and my favorite fight (when a tiff about frozen vegetables turned into a full-on yelling match about parenting skills) of the cycle. Those are two major achievements--in addition to placing an impressive sixth in the competition. Last night Alasia said her adieu to Tyra and Top Model after a week in New Zealand. She failed to impress the judges in a photo shoot that put the girls, all in the same dress, next to a sheep. They asked for magic, and she gave them monotony. But that's certainly not what she gave outside of the photo shoots--or in interviews. Today, after watching her Top Model tale end, Alasia spoke to the media about her role as a drama-magnet, her goal during those crazy photo shoots and what the heck she was thinking when she wore that silver bathing suit to panel. To Read More Click Here .