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Great! - or is it?

Yes, this show is great! It's got an intoxicating story, well-formed characters and some really nice special effects. Just good, old-style Sci-Fi by Gene Roddenberry (or at least based on one of his ideas). Yet... The story is really good, it's just... sometimes it isn't 100% consistent... Maybe because they fired Robert Hewitt Wolfe after half of Season 2 and made the whole thing more "episodic". No wonder you get inconsistencies that way... But still -- almost totally intoxicating story, great characters, special effects, good old-style Sci-Fi. Yet... Sometimes the characters seem a bit too freaked out - so freaked out, they get inconsistent as well. But what do you expect if you fire the main story writer... But still -- almost totally intoxicating story, almost great characters, special effects, good old-style Sci-Fi. Yet... If there wasn't this darn last season. I don't know, but is there any other series that was able to spoil all the good stuff they did in - how many? - FOUR seasons, all within their last one? Well, I don't know any... But, well, you don't have to watch that one (and I thoroughly do recommend you not to do that). So, what remains are those episodes that are consistent, with the characters drawn perfectly, special effects - good old Sci-Fi... Fortunately there are enough of them to make the show worth watching. So my conclusion: Yes, definitely a good show - as long as you ignore those inconsistencies after the midst of season 2 and omit the last season. But that's surely no more than 3 stars of 5.

Great show

I only started watching Adromeda because I promised someone I'd try. I thought it was ridiculous. But - maybe it's because I fell in love with Rommie; maybe it's because I was amused by Harper; maybe it's because I missed Star Trek - for some reason, I watched another episode, and then another, and then.. well, at some point I found myself out of episodes after the season 5 finale. I don't know if anyone else is as easily addicted to a show as I am, but if you are, please watch out for Andromeda. Some great characters and an inventive storyline will make it very hard to stop. The only bad thing about this show is the captain's bad hairdo. Enjoy!