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Anger Management: "Charlie Gets Romantic" Review

Even though FX's Anger Management, featuring Charlie Sheen's much hyped return to TV sitcom-land, slipped from over five million viewers to around two million over the course of its 10-episode "trial" first season, FX president John Landgraf hinted, back at the Summer TCA Press Tour, that a renewal was likely. But a decision won't be made until after the season's done, so this is it! We now stand at what could be a dead end, or a gateway to a whopping 90 episode order (part of the syndication-ready deal in place). Read More... //  

Anger Management “Charlie Gets Romantic” Season Finale Review

For a show that promised to highlight the importance of  women in the life of its main character,  Anger Management  has had a funny way of showing it over these past ten episodes. The show has had several promising beats throughout the year, but it’s tough to watch  this episode and not come away thinking that they have no idea how to write for these female characters . Kate is supposed to be Charlie’s best friend, therapist, and most trusted confidant. Instead, these last few weeks (and particularly this week) have portrayed her as little more to Charlie than a fulfillment of his sexual desire. Even Charlie reaching for something more is met with disdain before she acquiesces to the occasional trip to the cinema to go along with their next sexual adventure. The two characters have certainly had their moments, but this week didn’t show the best side of their relationship. I know they have a sexual arrangement, but the show had told us it was more than that. After this season, that assertion is getting harder to believe. Read More... //  

Anger Management: Anatomy of a First Season

Last week on Anger Management , the series began to set up for its anticipated second season with the arrival of Charlie’s dad, played by real life father Martin Sheen. After tonight’s season finale, FX will announce whether or not the series met the ratings requirement to earn the ninety episode order that has been hanging in the balance. Should the network decide to move forward with Anger Management , and all evidence points to a very strong yes, fans of the show will be seeing a whole lot more of Martin Sheen when he joins the cast as a series regular next season. Read More... //

Anger Management “Charlie’s Dad Visits” Review

As promised many weeks ago, we finally got the arrival of  the President of the United States  Charlie’s real-life father Martin Sheen to the proceedings. Much like the use of Denise Richards earlier in the year , the visit with his dad went pretty much as expected. There were some easy jokes made and fun winks for the audience, but most of the scenes with Martin Sheen left me cold. The writers were gunning for the easy jokes and making sure they crossed them all of the list. That being said, there is a certain amount of gravitas that Martin Sheen will add to this show if it gets its 90 episode order ( President Bartlet  Martin Sheen has said  he will be a series regular  on the show going forward). We are all better off for it. Martin Sheen is one of the best TV actors of all-time. This week showed he still has plenty of chops. He’s not most classic funny guy, but his diction and tight delivery of his lines make him feel funnier than he has any need to be. The fact that he was funny in this episode is icing on the cake. His performance  when discussing his life’s unfortunate downturn was why he’s a great fit for this show. No one in the cast as previously constructed could dive to anything resembling emotional depth. Martin Sheen will be able to provide to the show. I know it’s a half-hour sitcom, but half-hour sitcoms still need to have the occasional touching moment. It will be interesting to watch . Read More... //  

Anger Management “Charlie Outs a Patient” Review

All season, I’ve been griping about the therapy group from Charlie’s home. While this episode didn’t exactly make me do a 180, I will admit to enjoying Nolan’s storyline a bit. His dopeyness within the group is the subject of mockery from the group and disdain from me, but applied to the outside world, he comes off as considerably more endearing. I didn’t think Alexandra Ella did a good job of conveying how crazy Athena was supposed to be, so it was a good thing  that they kept her off camera for most of the episode. Allowing Nolan to recount the story for us later kept the focus on him. For once, it was a good thing. I liked the premise of the episode if only because it’s something I have wondered about all season: How can a therapist have this level of personal intimacy with his patients without any modicum of privacy for the group as a whole? At least they dealt with the personal intimacy issue this week. I was glad to find out that another therapist found Charlie’s behaviors to be impractical for a therapist. I understand that I need to suspend my disbelief for television shows, but I would like for shows to retain some amount of realism to them. Read More... //  

Anger Management “Charlie Dates Kate’s Patient” Review

More so than any episode that has come before it, tonight’s episode of  Anger Management  showcased what the show wants to be. Charlie engages in hijinks against the wishes of one of the women  closest to him. The impending disapproval only causes  him to continue with the hijinks. Then, the hijinks come to an end in a supposedly humorous or satisfying way. You can feel  pretty comfortable  in saying that Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom has found it’s sweet spot. The writing isn’t incredibly funny, but the show has developed a consistent voice. One of the reasons why this episode worked well was because of the lack of time spent with the therapy group. At this point, the members of the therapy group are such one-note characters that none of the storylines or comedy comes as a surprise. They refuse to take chances with the therapy group. I don’t think any of them have the chops for anything beyond what they are doing now, but it’s weird that the show doesn’t even seem interested in trying to explore the whole person with Charlie’s patients . Read More... //  

Anger Management “Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit” Review

Coming off of the  relative success of last week’s episode , I was starting to believe that  Anger Management  was beginning to find itself. It steered focus away from the painfully unfunny therapy group and really focused on the different relationships that Charlie experiences in his daily life. It was funny at times and well crafted over all. It’s safe to say that this episode did not build on that success. Until now, I haven’t been really offended by Charlie Sheen using his past indiscretions as joke fodder for his new show. Granted, I wished he would be more imaginative with his show, but I wasn’t really bothered by poking fun at some of the old Sheen craziness. Unfortunately, that streak came to an end this week with the arrival of Denise Richards on the screen. For the most part, the scenes with Charlie and Denise were pretty solid. Since we were dealing with two people who used to be married off screen, it was easy to see the chemistry between the two. None of the jokes were super funny, but they interacted in a way that felt natural. While all that was good, the decision to allow Sheen to make a joke about hitting women is not the best look for the series. I won’t delve into Sheen’s checkered history with women, but he doesn’t have the necessary collateral to make that joke. Many of Sheen’s past indiscretions are ultimately harmless. He should stick to making jokes about those. Read More... //  

Anger Management “Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient” Review

Hey, did you guys  know that Charlie Sheen was on  Two and a Half Men ? You did? Well, the people at  Anger Management  want to be certain that you don’t forget it. I don’t want to poor cold water  all over what was by far the best episode  of the show’s freshman campaign , but the pokes at Charlie’s old job are getting a bit tiresome. It was a small portion of the episode , but the use of Charlie’s old bowling shirt from his former show paints the picture of a show that doesn’t trust its work. It keeps returning to the easy joke that doesn’t involve creating something new. If I’m to believe that this show is a fresh start for Sheen, then they shouldn’t keep trudging up the past. I’m sure many people enjoyed the subtle jab at Chuck Lorre and his former show, but I found it cheap. Charlie Sheen is a comedic talent that doesn’t need cheap jokes like that. (Insert whatever  Two and a Half Men  joke you want here.) Read More... //  

Anger Management “Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation” Review

Three episodes into Charlie Sheen’s new series,  Anger Management , and I can’t figure out why this show is a thing. It couldn’t possibly be a weirder fit in the FX lineup. I know that plenty of people smarter than I am have discussed that before, but it bares repeating. For a network that is willing to give Louis CK complete dominion over his television show, and gives the creative license  for the people at  Wilfred  to do whatever it is that they do, this show seems like an odd choice by the developmental team. It’s a traditional multi-cam sitcom with a laugh track. Lucky for them they have the laugh track. Otherwise, no one would be laughing. Read More... //  

Anger Management Review: Sorry, Charlie

This will not be a very long review. I don't have much to say about Anger Management except this: I didn't laugh once. I cringed far more than I smiled, suffering through back-to-back episodes of painful jokes and obvious set-ups. Then again, I've felt the same way every time I've watched a Two and a Half Men episode, so it's entirely possible that viewers who followed Charlie Sheen from CBS to FX are giving him a standing ovation right about now. I'd just love to hear why. Read More... //