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Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “The Wedding Planner Did It”

Second episodes are the hardest. Doesn’t matter if its comedy or drama, network or cable, live-action or animated; how does a show express its true personality for the first time? It’s certainly become all but impossible on network television, where tradition demands the pilot basically be repeated for the second episode – and even though cable shows usually have the benefit of working with a guaranteed season order, they often still struggle with their first attempts to work outside the mold 99.99% of pilots are pressed through. That second episode is tough to nail; and unfortunately, is often the breaking point for a lot of potential audience members, again elevating the pressure on the creators, producers, and performers to deliver something special – it leads to stories and characterizations that feel forced, which is why Angie Tribeca‘s second episode "The Wedding Planner Did It" is a pretty impressive feat. READ MORE...

Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 1 Review: “Pilot”

As an unabashed fan of Hot Shots and the original Naked Gun, it’s safe to say a show like Angie Tribeca falls neatly into my wheelhouse. However, while it’s easy to admire Angie Tribeca‘s first episode for how effortlessly it constructs itself as a parody of police procedurals, it’s not really a surprise there are moments where it feels like the show’s fighting an uphill battle against its own length and style. How much can Angie Tribeca really wring out of a well worn, increasingly niche brand of comedy? Written by Steve and Nancy Walls Carrell (and directed by Steve Carrell), "Pilot" is both a promising introduction to TNT’s first comedy in ages – unless you consider Franklin & Bash a ‘comedy’ – and a reminder of how limited the well of slapstick comedy can be, particularly in long-form. From beginning to end, "Pilot" follows the ever-familiar rhythms of the many late 1970’s-early 1990’s comedies it homages; the ridiculous physical gags, the constant reality and fourth wall breaking, and abundance of outlandish characters and moments don’t exactly offer the most original material, but everyone from stars Rashida Jones and Hayes McArthur, to the many, many guest stars the show ropes in (in "Pilot", there’s Gary Cole, Lisa Kudrow, and Nancy Walls Carrell herself) are so game, it’s hard not to laugh when the show spirals into absolute stupidity. READ MORE...

Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

As an unabashed fan ofHot Shots and the originalNaked Gun, its safe to say a show likeAngie Tribecafalls neatly into my wheelhouse. However, while its easy to admireAngie Tribecas first episode for how effortlessly it constructs itself as a parody of police procedurals, its not really a surprise there are moments where it feels like the shows fighting an uphill battle against its own length and style.     Read More... //

'Angie Tribeca': Let's talk all of season 1

We're here to watch the 25-hour binge-a-thon with you...    Read More... //

Angie Tribeca Season 1 Review: Awful Detectives Can Be Hilarious And Effective

From the beginning of Angie Tribeca Season 1 Episode 1 , the show's satirical humor was very prominent, spoofing almost every crime procedural show on television, past and present. The Really Heinous Crimes Unit (RHCU) of the LAPD, with Angie Tribeca, contains possibly the worst detectives in the world. They're unprofessional, absolutely stupid at times, but always hilarious.    Read More...   //

Angie Tribeca Review: Rashida Jones Cop-Show Parody Is Wonderfully Dopey

The cop-show parody Angie Tribeca has so many terrible jokes and awful puns and outright idiotic bits of random humor. Thats meant as high praise: Not since the halcyon days of Airplane! and The Naked Gun (which itself was adapted from the cop-show parody Police Squad!) has there been a piece of entertainment this richly, knowingly moronic. Anchored by an inspired deadpan performance from Rashida Jones , this TBS comedy is launching with a 25-hour nonstop marathon of the first season starting Sunday night, advisable for a program in which repeat viewings may be necessary to soak in every wonderfully stupid throwaway gag.    Read More... //

Rashida Jones embraces the silly in new cop sitcom

Angie Tribeca Sunday 9 p.m., TBS TBS is taking a page from Netflix for the launch of its newest comedy, premiering all 10 episodes from Sunday to Monday in a commercial-free, 25-hour marathon, as well as making them available online and on-demand. Its a big gamble on the rookie show from creators Steve and Nancy...    Read More... //

'Angie Tribeca': TV Review

You've got to be in the mood for the new TBS cop spoof starring Rashida Jones but if you are, you'll be rewarded with non-stop silly jokes.  Read More... //

Review: Angie Tribeca, Steve and Nancy Carells Modern-Day Police Squad!

This pun-filled cop show parody on TBS stars Rashida Jones as Detective Angie Tribeca, a member of the Los Angeles Police Department.   Read More... //

Angie Tribeca and the Subjectivity of Humor

  Should we have a little talk about how humor is subjective? Sure, let's. It's very subjective. Lots of people love simple-but-impossible-task humor think the Three Stooges, or the majority of physical comedy bits. Clowning is often in this category. Some people like sight gags think Airplane! . Many children enjoy Amelia Bedelia books. If this is you, then Angie Tribeca is right up your alley. If this is not you, the show is alienating and severely unpleasant. It's not a matter of funny or not funny. Maybe more so than for any other comedy in recent memory, if Angie Tribeca is not for you, it is overwhelmingly, catastrophically not for you. On the flip side, if the idea of a character wanting to "set the record straight" and then reaching down to the coffee table and adjusting the positions of a pile of LPs delights you, welcome home.   Read More... //