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17 episodes

  • 17 episodes
    17 episodes
    • s1e18Precious
    • s1e17Russell Brown on what the WGAW
    • s1e16Saving Grace
    • s1e15The Soloist
    • s1e14Sundance Screenwriters on Writing for Independent Film
    • s1e13WGA and Academy Award Nominated Screenwriters Share Secrets to Thei...
    • s1e12Screenwriter/Playwright Peter Morgan and Director Ron Howard Discus...
    • s1e11Screenwriters Lab Fellows Share Insights on What They Learned at Su...
    • s1e10Dr. Horrible
    • s1e9Criminal Minds
    • s1e8Doubt
    • s1e7Intervention
    • s1e6Charlie Kaufman on His Latest Film
    • s1e4Screenwriter Jay Wolpert on Creating Tension in Action Scripts
    • s1e3Step Brothers
    • s1e2Indiana Jones