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Archer Season 6 Episode 2 Three to Tango

Archer Season 6 Episode 2 Three to Tango airs Thursday, January 15 10:00 PM e/p on FX. Episode Synopsis: Archer Season 6 Episode 2 Three to Tango An agent from the past has a hand creating tension between Archer and Lana. Show Summary: Rakish and reckless, suave and sarcastic, Sterling Archer (Codename: Duchess) is [] //

Archer Season 6 Premiere 2014 The Holdout

Archer season 6 premiere The Holdout airs Thursday, January 8, 10:00 PM e/p on FX. Episode Synopsis: Archer Season 5 Episode 12 Archer Vice: Filibuster Cyril becomes the new president of San Marcos, Cherlene becomes the first lady of country music, and Archer becomes a resistance fighter. Show Summary: Rakish and reckless, suave and [] //

Raising baby Abbiejean takes a village in 'Archer' Season 6

When "Archer" returns for Season 6, the gang will be back to business as usual in the agency headquarters, but there is going to be a new face in the office -- baby Abbiejean, which the stars and creators tell Zap2it makes for some interesting and hilarious new dynamics. "Abbiejean's pretty much always around the office, it's bring your baby to work day every day on 'Archer,'" says Judy Greer, who voices Carol/Cheryl. "There's a lot of AJ juggling, which is really funny."Executive producer Matt Thompson adds, "Somebody's gotta be watching it. It's like, 'Where's the baby?! Who has the baby?! Who lost the baby?!'"It will apparently take a village -- a crazy, dysfunctional village -- to raise baby Abbiejean, but Aisha Tyler, who voices Abbiejean's mother Lana, says that ultimately Lana is the one in charge. RELATED: 'Fargo's' Allison Tolman is Pam's 'terrible' sister Edie"Lana is very pragmatic," says Tyler. "She's the only competent... //

Archer: Exclusive Music Video Clip

Check out this exclusive peek at Cheryl's music video for her honky tonk hit "Midnight Blues" from the Archer: Season 5 Blu-ray.   Read More... //

Video: Six New Videos for "Archer" Season Six

The electrifying new season of "Archer" premieres January 8 on FX.   Read More... //

FX and FXX Set January Premiere Dates for 'Archer', 'Justified', 'The Americans' & More

Archer Returns for Its Sixth Season on Thursday, January 8, at 10 PM e/p on FX.  Read More... //

Sterling Archer Joins Movember Movement with Dashing 'Stache

Sterling Archer, for the first time, is growing a moustache to promote men's health awareness during the annual Movember campaign to support the Movember Foundation.   Read More... //

Weekend Binge Guide: November 2014

Have the weekend free? Going out is overrated! Binge-watch one of these shows instead:   If you want to laugh:   Archer See all reviews for Archer You already love H. Jon Benjamin—you just might not realize it. Despite having starred in  Dr. Katz ,  Home Movies , and  Bob's Burgers   (and those are just his VOICE actor roles), his work as the self-absorbed and occasionally incompetent international spy Sterling Archer (code name: Duchess) may be his  pièce de résistance . The barbs are both sophisticated and infantile-in-a-good-way, the animation is sublime, and the hangovers are plentiful. It's like your life... if you were an animated spy. If that's not enough, Jessica Walter (aka Lucille Bluth) voices Sterling's vodka-soaked mother/boss, and Aisha Tyler is his fellow agent/ex-girlfriend, Lana. Boom. Sold.     If you want to cry:   Call the Midwife See all reviews for Call the Midwife To be clear, you'll smile as much as you'll cry, but you WILL cry. Concept: Nurse Jenny Lee and friends (and nuns) deliver babies and take care of moms in post-war Poplar, London. When the babies are healthy, everyone cries, when they aren't, everyone sobs. All that being said, it's a terrifically uplifting and (yes) joyous show that somehow never feels manipulative. Call the Midwife 's Poplar feels real and lived in the same way Dillon, Texas does on  Friday Night Lights . You won't want to leave except to go get more tissues for your cry-face.     If you want to scream:   Penny Dreadful See all reviews for  Penny Dreadful OK, there's only been one season so far, so think of it this way: you're getting in on the ground floor of one of the creepiest dramas of the year. It's got blood and guts, sure, but far more disturbing is the High Victorian Gothic aesthetic with all of its repressed sexuality and hidden truths. For those who like visceral thrills, there's plenty of (extremely graphic and violent) death, but  Dreadful  has connections to many of the most influential literary monsters of all time. Also, (sigh) fine, if it'll help you make your decision, it has Eva Green's boobs and Josh Hartnett's butt.     If you want to think:   The Americans See all reviews for  The Americans U-S-A! What if you were a deep cover Soviet spy in Reagan-era America? You have American kids (who love America!), a collection of ugly (American! wigs, and have managed to shed the last vestiges of your Russkii accent. You're married to another spy who MAY OR MAY NOT have fallen in love with you (ugh, that's so American). Plus, you also look like Keri Russell (a definitive all-American girl). OK, so it's a sexy spy drama, sure, but it's more than that:  The Americans  forces you to root for the Russians, even knowing the collapse of the Soviet Union is less than a decade away. You will desperately hope Philip and Elizabeth don't get caught (especially Elizabeth, but  especially  Philip), even though, in your patriotic heart, you know that, as an American, they should.       Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

'Archer' Team Forced to Reunite in Season 6 Promo

It looks like their days as cocaine kingpins are behind them .   Read More... //

Archer's Spy Agency Is Dropping the Name ISIS in Light of Recent Real-World Events

When Season 6 premieres in January, things are going to look a bit different.   Read More... //