Art On CAN TV Episode Guide

CAN TV provides an open, public space on television, preserving and sharing the cultural, ethnic, and artistic diversity of Chicago. CAN TV Arts gives viewers the chance to take an intimate tour of exhibits at local art museums and galleries. CAN TV

Episode Guide

15 episodes

  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
    • s1e20Anna Shteynshleyger Exhibition Tour
    • s1e19Artists at Work: Beyond the Walls
    • s1e18The Poets of Palmer Park
    • s1e17Violent Realities
    • s1e16Jornada de la Libertad
    • s1e15ARC Gallery Exhibition: Mondro, Naselli, and Puryear
    • s1e14The Art of Democracy
    • s1e13The Renaissance Society presents Jim Lutes
    • s1e12War is Only Half the Story: The Aftermath Project
    • s1e11Meditation of Weapons
    • s1e10Abu Graib Detainee Interview Project
    • s1e9The Museum of Contemporary Photography: This Land Is Your Land
    • s1e8The Renaissance Society
    • s1e7Iraqi Art Gallery Chicago: Solidarity
    • s1e6Hyde Park Art Center