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  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
    • s1e20Anna Shteynshleyger Exhibition Tour
    • s1e19Artists at Work: Beyond the Walls
    • s1e18The Poets of Palmer Park
    • s1e17Violent Realities
    • s1e16Jornada de la Libertad
    • s1e15ARC Gallery Exhibition: Mondro, Naselli, and Puryear
    • s1e14The Art of Democracy
    • s1e13The Renaissance Society presents Jim Lutes
    • s1e12War is Only Half the Story: The Aftermath Project
    • s1e11Meditation of Weapons
    • s1e10Abu Graib Detainee Interview Project
    • s1e9The Museum of Contemporary Photography: This Land Is Your Land
    • s1e8The Renaissance Society
    • s1e7Iraqi Art Gallery Chicago: Solidarity
    • s1e6Hyde Park Art Center