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'Awkward' cast talks Season 3B premiere, Jenna's rebellious choices, and the darkest point of the series

MTV's hit dramedy "Awkward" is heading to an entirely new, dark place in the back half of Season 3, kicking off Tuesday (Oct. 22).Jenna (Ashely Rickards) made the shocking choice to cheat on her all-around perfect boyfriend Matty (Beau Mirchoff) in the Season 3A finale, and that one choice will catapult her and everyone around her onto a new path that no one expected to see. "Beginning of Season 3B, we're picking up where we don't even know if Matty has seen her and Collin making out," Rickards tells Zap2it. "Going into this episode, it's so unclear about who knows what and what's out of the bag, let alone what Jenna's going to do about it. There's a lot to catch up on."So how will Jenna's choices affect everyone around her, and what's coming up for everyone in the second half of Season 3?JennaRickards believes that all the choices Jenna has made up to... //

Awkward Season 3B Teasers: “What is Happening in Our World?”

“You broke my BFGFBFF!” Teen speak has changed since I left the hallowed halls of high school, but even aging twentysomethings will find something to be excited about in the three latest  Awkward  teasers. Season three resumes later this month and it brings with it a multitude of reasons to watch including seeing the fallout of Jenna’s cheating and watching Sadie fall in love. Read More... //

'Awkward' premiere spoilers: Jenna's birthday holds many surprises ... and none of them are good

When MTV's "Awkward" returns for its back half of Season 3 -- also known as Season 3B -- on Tuesday, Oct. 22, Jenna's birthday is not the celebration everyone expects. In fact, her birthday features surprises for everyone ... and none of them are good.We've already screened the premiere, and couldn't wait to share some scoops from "Surprise." Read on for spoilers from the episode:- Jenna's infidelity with Collin won't stay a secret for long. Who's the first person to discover that the one kiss is actually more? The one person who can't keep a secret to save her life. Oops?- Jenna's mom has tried to throw Jenna a surprise party for her birthday every single year, but for some reason, the secret always gets spoiled. Will she pull it off this year?- Jenna's guilt over her affair with Collin will pressure her to cancel all her birthday plans ... and that only increases... //

'Awkward' Season 3B: Maybe there's hope for Jenna after all? Watch the trailer

Ever since Jenna decided to cheat on perfect boyfriend Matty in "Awkward's" Season 3A finale, we've been preparing ourselves for dark, depressing season 3B. The fallout is going to ruin the life Jenna has been striving so hard to cultivate the entire series, right? Right?!Well, maybe it won't be as bad as we thought -- though earlier promos seemed to point that way. Thanks to a just-released trailer for Season 3B, we now have some hope that Jenna's life may not be totally ruined. Sure, she is certainly facing some hard times ahead in the wake of her terrible, no good, very bad choice to hook up with Collin, but maybe her friends and family won't abandon her for good ... that is, once she realizes just how much she screwed up and apologizes.But will that be enough for Matty?Watch the new, slightly-less-dark, slightly-more-hopeful trailer below:Get More: Awkward., Full EpisodesThe premiere of "Awkward" Season... //

Awkward Season 3 Promo: Struggling and Snuggling

MTV has given fans a fresh look at Awkward Season 3. Following a trailer that teased a broken Jenna , the network has now unveiled new footage from the final 10 episodes of the season, which will focus on Jenna questioning the stability of her relationship with Matty, while her friends and loved ones will wonder just who the heck this young woman has become. Can she end things with Colin before Matty discovers her secret? It doesn't seem likely, based on the clips below. Watch now and prepare for the return of Awkward Season 3 on Tuesday, October 22 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. //

‘Awkward’ Season 3B: It’s Jenna’s Birthday and She’ll Cry If She Wants To

Jenna’s latest high school mishap takes  Awkward  to a whole new level. In a new clip from season 3b, Jenna receives a heartfelt from gift from her boyfriend, but it’s hard to enjoy presents when your boyfriend doesn’t know you’ve cheated on him. Jenna’s depressed inner monologue lends the scene a double layer of poignancy as she says she doesn’t deserve this. Sadly, this seems to be just the beginning of Jenna’s problems, as the last  trailer  so aptly illustrated, the second half of season three will find our heroine facing her share of growing pains. Read More... //

'Awkward' sneak peek: It's Jenna's birthday, and she'll cry if she wants to (and she will)

Jenna Hamilton only has herself to blame for her misery.In the first half of "Awkward" Season 3, she had everything she ever wanted: loyal friends, a loving boyfriend, a good relationship with her parents. And then she in the Season 3A finale, she cheated on sweet Matty with Collin.When Season 3B rolls around this October, Jenna's going to be feeling pretty guilty -- so much so that she cancels her birthday celebrations and can barely accept Matty's sweet, adorable, thoughtful birthday gift. Yeah, Jenna knows she made a huge mistake. And it doesn't look like things will be getting any better for her.Watch a sneak peek clip from Season 3B below:Get More: Awkward., Full EpisodesThe premiere of "Awkward" Season 3B airs Oct. 22 at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.... //

‘Awkward’ Season 3B Trailer Turns Jenna’s Life Into An After School Special

Jenna’s life gets the after school special treatment in the new trailer for the return of  Awkward  season three. After cheating on her boyfriend, she’s lost all of her friends and taken up drugs and making out with guys under bleachers. The half-silly, half-serious trailer gives us a peak at Jenna’s state of mind post the summer-finale, and if her isolation is any indication, she’s in for a half-season that’s going to be a whole lot worse than awkward. Read More... //

The Fall Season of MTV's Hit Comedy Series 'Awkward' Premieres on Tuesday, October 22 at 10:30 PM

MTV announced today that critically-acclaimed comedy series "Awkward" will return for its fall premiere on Tuesday, October 22 //

MTV Renews Awkward For Season 4 and Brings On Two New Showrunners!

MTV has officially renewed Awkward for a 4th Season! The show's fate was previously undecided after showrunner Lauren Iungerich's sudden departure, but the network has found replacements in Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler, who have previously worked on The CW's 90210. Get ready for another season of Awkward! Fans had been unsure of the show's fate following the sudden departure of showrunner Lauren Iungerich, but MTV has officially renewed the teen dramedy for Season 4! The network announced that Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler, whose previous credits include The CW's 90210, have signed on as replacement showrunners for the 4th season and beyond. So, do you think the show is in good hands or is it all downhill from here? Don't miss the second half of season 3 when Awkward returns to MTV this October, and for more of the latest TV news, stick with us at Celebified.