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Awkward (MTV) Season 4 Episode 14 “Welcome to Hell”

Awkward  (MTV) Season 4 Episode 14 “Welcome to Hell” airs on Tuesday October 7th, 10/9c on MTV. Episode Synopsis:  Awkward Season 4 Episode 14 “Welcome to Hell” – Jenna heads for a meltdown after receiving a rejection; “Hell Tent” takes revelations to a new level.   Read More... //

Awkward (MTV) Season 4 Episode 13 “Auld Lang Party”

Awkward  (MTV) Season 4 Episode 13 “Auld Lang Party” airs on Tuesday September 30th, 10/9c on MTV. Episode Synopsis:  Awkward Season 4 Episode 13 “Auld Lang Party” – Although Jenna wants to have a quiet New Year’s Eve, plans go awry and she ends up at a party at Ally’s house. Read More... //

Awkward Hunks Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern Talk Hooking Up With Older Ladies (Video)

It only took a couple of Scotches on the rocks to loosen up Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern. The two stars of MTV's teen comedy Awkward spilled some sexy plot detailsthat fans can look forward to in the final episodes of Season 4. Tuesday's episode will find Matty and Jake attending a party thrown by Aunt Ally, played by actress Barret Swatek. But when the young hunks mingle with some of the older women at her house, someone ends up getting lucky.   Read More... //

'Awkward' Alum Sets Anti-'Charlie's Angels' Comedy at NBC (Exclusive)

Called 'In Security'   Read More... //

Awkward (MTV) Season 4 Midseason Premiere 2014 “Finals”

Awkward  (MTV) Season 4 Episode 12 “Finals” airs on Tuesday September 23, 10/9c on MTV. Episode Synopsis:  Awkward Season 4 Episode 12 “Finals” – Jenns tried to focus on her finals after the senior trip, but aftershocks from the revelation threaten her chances. Read More... //

Video: Season Four of MTV's Hit Comedy "Awkward" Is Back September 23 at 10:00 PM ET/PT with Even More Scandals and Shenanigans

Watch the trailer for the second half of season four from the series.   Read More... //

Awkward: A Mature Jenna, A Jakara Reconciliation & More! Plus, a first look photo of season 4

Awkward  returns for another cray season this fall, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 23rd.  To make sure you don't go "WTH-is-happening?!" when you tune in on the premiere, here are the scoops you shouldn't miss via showrunners  Chris Alberghini  and  Mike Chessler : Read More... //

‘Awkward’ Season 4B and ‘Faking It’ Season 2 Premiere Dates Announced; ‘Happyland’ Series Premiere Announced

Awkward  and  Faking It  are teaming up again this fall when the series return to MTV Tuesday nights on September 23rd at 10PM beginning with the second half of  Awkward  season four followed by the season premiere of  Faking It  season two at 10:30pm. Then at 11PM on September 30th, the series will be joined by MTV’s new soapy drama  Happyland . Awkward  season four will continue to explore the end of an era as Jenna and her friends try to appreciate their remaining days in high school while also waiting for college admissions news, avoid the dreaded senioritis, rekindle romances and more. All of the drama will culminate in a spring break episode set on the beach. Meanwhile,  Faking It  will resume where the first season left off with Amy and Karma trying to define their relationship in the wake of Amy’s confession. Read More... //

Awkward Review: Changes

As  Awkward Season 4 Episode 9  came to a close, there was only thing that needed to be said:  Eva needs her very own send button.  Awkward Season 4  gave Eva a relatable arc. She's the new girl and she's just trying to make friends at her new school and that kind of situation makes her very relatable, someone to root for. Along the way, though, as she takes the compromising (albeit innocent) photo of Sadie and Matty, her intentions become clear: she's just looking to cause trouble. Her friendliness is just a ruse.  Eva wants to nab Matty, the hottest guy in school, and she's not willing to let anything stand in her way. Not Matty's friends... and certainly not Matty's ex-girlfriend Jenna. The interesting twist is that Matty's behavior with Jenna - coupled with his adoption issues - are putting him in a situation that's close to Jenna with Collin: isolation.  Read More... //

The 30 Best Quotes from MTV's 'Awkward'

As the end of high school looms ahead for our favorite abbreviation loving group of teens, it's time to take a sentimental stroll down memory lane. Amongst all the overly articulated angst, DTR-ing, BFF moments and Sadie, here are our favorite quotes uttered from the MTV hit, Awkward .   Read More... //