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MTV's 'Awkward' adds four new faces to Season 4

Palos Hills High's student body just grew by four.When MTV's dramedy "Awkward" returns for Season 4 -- under new showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler -- four new recurring characters will cause more trouble for Jenna (Ashley Rickards) during her senior year.Elizabeth Whitson, Kofi Siriboe, Evan Crooks and Monty Geer have joined the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Blonde and beautiful Whitson will play Eva, a Palos Hills High transfer student from Manhattan. Expect her to become the talk of the school pretty quickly. Siriboe will play Tyler, who is from Rwanda but is spending a year in America for school. Crooks and Greer will play "gay dynamic duo" Theo and Cole."Awkward" returns on April 15 on MTV.... //

'Awkward' Season 4 has a premiere date; 'Game of Thrones' alum joins FX's 'Hoke'

News and notes from around the TV world:- MTV announced the premiere dates for new and returning comedies at the winter press tour on Friday (Jan. 10). "Awkward" Season 4 -- led by new showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler -- premieres with a special one hour episode on Tuesday, April 15 at 10 p.m. ET. Senior year brings Jenna more boy trouble, drama with her friends, a new girl in town who has eyes for Matty, and even some cat fishing.- "Game of Thrones" alum Oona Chaplin has a role in "Hoke," a pilot at FX starring Paul Giamatti, who plays a middle-aged homicide detective in early 80s Miami. Other cast additions include Robert Wisdom ("The Wire") and John Caroll Lynch ("Body of Proof").- The season premiere of the coming-of-age comedy series from Carter Covington, "Faking It," airs on Tuesday, April 22 at 10:30 p.m. ET. The new comedy revolves around two best friends... //

MTV Sets ‘Awkward’ Season 4 Return, New Comedy ‘Faking It’ Premiere Date

MTV set premiere dates for returning comedy “Awkward,” new scripted comedy “Faking It,” and new culinary competition “House of Food.” “Awkward,” which just wrapped its third season in December, will be back with its fourth season under new showrunners on Tuesday, April 15 at 10/9c. Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler take over after series creator Lauren Iungerich departed from the series after Season 3.   Read More... //

Top Moments: Awkward Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder and Alex Trebek Raps!

Our top moments of the week: 12. Most Brutal Setback:  After nearly dying trying to save a baby from a fire in the fall finale of  Chicago Fire , viewers are surprised to see Casey alive and well and acting like nothing ever happened. His physical wounds may have healed, but the emotional toll is brutal. Moments after helping a hostage escape from a robber during another fire, Casey takes the bad guy to task and punches him to a bloody pulp. Yeah, that's  definitely  not part of the job description. 11. Safest Ending: On the buttoned-up season -- and likely series -- finale of the low-rated  Hostages ,  Ellen saves the president's life and...   //

'Awkward' Season 3b finale: Jenna finally becomes the best version of herself

It took the entire second half of Season 3, but Jenna finally became the best version of herself in the "Awkward" season finale on Tuesday (Dec. 17). Actually, it could be argued that it took three full seasons for her to reach this point, since her journey to becoming a good friend -- and a better person -- all began with The Letter.It was great to see a callback to the incident that started it all way back in the pilot, when Jenna received the carefrontation letter from an anonymous source. When she later found out the cruel letter came from her mother, that kickstarted the rebuilding of Jenna's relationship with her mother that culminated in the Season 3b finale. Jenna and Lacey had been working on their mother/daughter bond ever since Jenna asked her about The Letter, and though Jenna's recent "sanity sabbatical" halted all they had achieved, they both forgave each other's... //

‘Awkward’s’ Jillian Rose Reed Teases Season Finale’s Prom, Jenna’s Wake-Up Call and Senior Year

We can always expect that MTV’s “Awkward” will take its relationships on a rollercoaster ride. The past season has been no different. So far on Season 3, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) pretty much lost everything as she let herself stray into unknown territories with pretty boy, Collin (Nolan Gerard Funk). But, she has since found her way back, won her friends over again (including Matty) and it’s time for prom. But Matty (Beau Mirchoff) took his and Jenna’s platonic friendship at face value and decided to ask her new gal pal, Bailey (McKaley Miller) to the dance.  Read More... l //

'Awkward': One step forward, two steps back for Jenna as prom approaches in 'Karmic Relief'

Ah, prom. That time of year when high school kids rush to find a date, the perfect dress, rent a limo, and plan the "perfect" night. Of course, it's also that time of year when hearts get broken, dreams get crushed and expectations run too high and most everyone is disappointed by the time the actual prom night arrives. "Awkward" portrayed all of that perfectly in "Karmic Relief" on Tuesday (Dec. 10).The first hour-long episode ever for the series -- not technically two half-hour episodes played in a row but an actual, proper hour-long episode -- gave us a good balance of seeing all our characters dealing with their own issues as the big night approached. First up was Jenna, who was putting off worrying about whether Matty was going to ask her to prom by focusing on getting Val her job back.After discovering Val was working at a liquor store and was generally... //

'Awkward': Did Jenna's apology come too late and did Tamara go too far in 'The Campaign Fail?'

After Jenna's "sanity sabbatical" this season on "Awkward," all her friends and family were waiting for was a simple apology. Of course, due to her pride, saying the simple two words of "I'm sorry" took way longer than it should have, and that might be the biggest mistake Jenna will ever make (besides putting all her eggs in the Collin basket since it turned out he never stopped hooking up with his ex Angelique the entire time he was with Jenna).Jenna spent all of "The Campaign Fail" trying to win her family and friends over by compliments, support, pandering, and nice gestures. She kept up her smile and dialed back the sarcasm. But she never once said "I'm sorry" when that was all everyone was waiting for.It wasn't until after Jenna got Val fired from the high school due to her scathing expose on the guidance counselor with no boundaries that she realized how... //

'Awkward': Has Jenna finally reached her turning point as everyone else reached their breaking point?

Tuesday (Nov. 19) night's "Awkward" was super-sized, as we got one full hour to watch Jenna completely eff everything up in her life for Collin, who -- no surprises here -- was a complete and total jerk who didn't deserve all the eggs Jenna put in his basket.In both episodes, "A Very Special Episode of Awkward" and "Less Than Hero," Jenna continued riding her train into no-friendsville all the way to intervention station, and continued acting like a real jerk to Tamara, Ming, Val, her mother, her father, and Matty. She was still lighting up at home, and even at school, until Val caught her and was forced to suspend her.This prompted Jenna to write a scathing expose on all the mildly inappropriate things Val has done over the years (which, let's be honest, there are quite a few, but Val's always coming from a place of good intentions) for the school's lit mag.... //

'Awkward': Ashley Rickards on Jenna's Dark Days and Mending Broken Relationships

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Jenna? It's been rough for the once sarcastic yet lovable Palos Hills High School junior on MTV's Awkward, alienating herself from friends and family with several uncharacteristic moves, decisions and zingers. Ashley Rickards talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Jenna's dark days, if she'll return to who she was before and the likelihood of a Matty/Jenna reunion. What do you make of viewers' reaction to the direction Jenna has taken?   Read More...   //