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Awkward Season 5 Episode 23 Review: Second Chances; Happy Campers. Happier Trails

Jenna and Matty are finally reunited y'all! Yes, the two of them managed to defy the odds and on Awkward Season 5 Episode 23 , they found their way back to one another. It all happened a little too fast and at the expense of Luke. Luke was the best one for Jenna initially, but the horrible writing changed his character so much that I couldn't bear to see Jenna with him.   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 22 Review: Home Again, Home Again

Jenna and Matty have got to be the most unappealing couple on television. Yes, Awkward Season 5 Episode 22 got us one step closer to the finish line, but it also continued to lay the groundwork for a reunion between the couple who have been at the core of the show since the beginning. The thing is, I really don't give a damn about them as a couple. I'd love to hear about what y'all think because I'm just not feeling Jatty any more.   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Living in Sin

Will Luke forgive Jenna? On Awkward Season 5 Episode 21 , everything was great for them, but then Jenna had to go and blab about their whole relationship in the form of a new article for Idea Bin. It's obvious that Jenna wanted to let Luke know just how much he meant to her, but in the process she may have ruined his chances at Idea Bin.   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Girls Gone Viral

What happened to the witty dialog?! Jenna's big article about her relationship with Matty continued to pop up on Awkward Season 5 Episode 19 and led to her getting the article taken down. I agree with Jenna's decision to pursue her boss to have it taken down. Why should she have her name on something that she doesn't even agree with?   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Digging Deep

Was Jenna right to shed light on her relationship with Matty? On Awkward Season 5 Episode 18 , Jenna's back was against a wall as her future at Idea Bin was called into question, so she had to dig deep and find an article that would solidify her place at the company. There's no denying that what she wrote went a little bit too far. It's understandable that she really needed an article, but this was low even for her. Nothing good was ever going to come from it and she should have known better. ...  Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Fireworks

Is Jenna playing with fire? On Awkward Season 5 Episode 17 , she got some much needed clarity on her friendship with Matty, but should she even be talking to him? Probably not. How would you feel if you're significant other was still being friends with their ex? Poor Luke doesn't know what he's let himself in for with Jenna and that's down to the writers not willing to let Jattygo. It's time for the show to move on and stop acting like Jatty actually has to happen.   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Best Friends for Never

Jenna and Tamara are not the friends they once were. Jenna realized this on Awkward Season 5 Episode 16 and tried to reel Tamara back in, but it proved quite the challenge. Tamara has been far too busy with Sadie to even bat an eyelid that Jenna hasn't been having the best time. There's no denying that T and Sadie have the wittiest conversations on TV, but Jenna has every right to be a little pissed off.   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 15 Review: The Friend Connection

Awkward seems to be on the road to recovery. On Awkward Season 5 Episode 15 , Jenna finally realized she could have a relationship with someone other than Matty. She also realized Luke's actually a very nice guy. Luke's always been a good guy, but I just didn't like him with Jenna because it meant she wasn't with Matty. But since the writers have destroyed Matty's character in just a matter of episodes, it was time for Jenna to move on for good.   Read More...   //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 14 Review: WTF Happened Last Year?

That was a whole lot of answers, right? On Awkward Season 5 Episode 14 we got some much needed insight into the changes we witnessed on Awkward Season 5 Episode 13 , but it just doesn't get away from the fact that the show just isn't all that intriguing anymore. When your core couple goes through every break up under the sun before coming together as endgame, they should stay that way. Not on Awkward. The writers ripped them apart to try and amp up the drama for this final half season.   Let's be honest, Matty acted so out of character. To be fair, I think Beau Mirchoff was just dreading filming that break-up scene and it showed in his performance throughout. Matty was never a malicious character, but he was just that tonight. If he wants to act like that then maybe he did Jenna a favor and gave her a lucky escape. He was just plain rude to Brita (I think that's her name!). Jenna went to college to be person she knew she couldn't at Palos Hills High School. College is a great time for a young adult to reinvent and put the past behind them, and for the most part, Jenna was doing a stellar job at becoming a great young woman. She matured leaps and bounds. That could be down to the lack of Tamara in her life, but I'm sure Brita was filling that void. You know I can't see that garbage can without you. Britta Permalink: You know I can't see that garbage can without you. Added: March 22, 2016 As things stand, I could care less about whether Jenna and Matty become a thing again. I'm so over the back and forth and it's time to move on. There was a time when this show was the finest comedy on TV, but now it's become a shell of its former self and it's quite sad. Elsewhere, we got to see first hand how Tamara and Sadie developed into great friends. Tamara was having a tough time of it in New York City, but not as tough as Sadie who had her tough exterior up as always. As much as I loathe this friendship because the nonsense of it all, it did pave the way for some of the funnier scenes of the night. Their meeting in the snobby New York Boutique was great. The cashier was so snarky about the items being organic. As if that would justify over $500. Sadie used money to buy herself a new friend and that just happened to be Tamara. Chop chop Tilda Skankton. You work retail, so work it. Sadie Permalink: Chop chop Tilda Skankton. You work retail, so work it. Added: March 22, 2016 I'm excited to see how this plays out, but I don't expect them to last very long. Tamara and Jenna are going to get close again and Sadie will find herself on the outside looking in. Other than that, the other main storyline was Lissaand Jake's reunion which was terrible. There's no denying the two characters are made for each other, but surely they could have came up with a better reunion storyline for them. I'd have preferred if the reunion stayed off screen rather than witness the drivel that was thrown our way. "WTF Happened Last Year" was a cut above the season premiere, but it was still a steaming pile of mediocrity. It's time to let this talented cast move on to other projects and let Awkward go out with the little dignity it has left. Remember, you can watch Awkward online right here to get up to date with the drama! What did you think of the episode? Are you over the back and forth for Jenna and Matty? Hit the comments below! View Slideshow: 17 TV Characters in Desperate Need of a New Personality   ...Read More... //

Awkward Season 5 Episode 13 Review: I'm the Kind of Girl Who Found Her Voice in College

It's time for Awkward to finally say goodbye. On Awkward Season 5 Episode 13 Jenna Hamilton returned home after her first year of college and everything we thought we knew had changed. She and Matty were no more and that kind of made me lose the will to stick with the rest of the episode. Time jumps are a great plot device, but they should not be used in shows that have run out of ideas and want to do a reset. ....Read More...   //