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Television review: 'Axe Cop,' 'High School USA!' are slices of youth

Fox's new late-night cartoons include 'Axe Cop,' which lacks some of the magic of its Web comic inspiration, and 'High School USA!,' which offers an alternative version of the "Archie" comic book. Fox, which once had the renegade TV network market pretty much to itself — "Married With Children" was transgressive in its time — has become semi-respectable as it grays and sprightly basic-cable channels, bound by looser rules, crowd in to occupy the edge. //,0,4046038.story


For fans of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim short attention span blitz-style comedy, FOX’s Axe Cop will be right up your alley. Based on the hit comic by the Nicolle Brothers (Malachai and Ethan, ages 5 and 28 respectively at the time of creation), the animated Axe Cop show celebrates the absurdity and randomness of the source material by disregarding logic and replacing it with humorous insanity. For fans of the comic, you’re no doubt familiar with that insanity. But be warned: you’ll find it far less genuine here. Instead of feeling like you’re watching something spilling from an uninhibited 5-9 year-old imagination, the Axe Cop cartoon feels like adults trying to emulate the random inspirations of a kid. READ MORE...