Babel II

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Babel II

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1 Seasons, 13 Episodes
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Kouichi Kamiya is disturbed by a strange nightmare. A mysterious voice starts talking to him while he is sleeping. Then, an old tower in the desert appears in a sandstorm. It is the call from Babel I who lived 5000 years ago. His spirit wanders in the tower of Babel hidden deep in the desert, constantly covered by sandstorms and dense fog. Koichi is the chosen one, as he possesses tremendous psychic power. The spirit of Babel I fears an evil force is scheming to conquer the world and asks Koichi to protect the people and the earth from destruction. Koichi has to fight against the malicious ambition of evil clans possessing tremendous supernatural powers. With the help of Rhodem, the Black Panther, Robross, the monster bird and Poseidon the giant robot, our hero begins the desperate struggle to save the earth!

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