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Banshee: "Requiem" Review

It's hard to nail every note with a series finale, but I appreciated the restraint of Banshee's "Requiem." I may not have liked Proctor's end, or cared enough about Kurt and Calvin's brother-Brotherhood turmoil (especially once Calvin's coup was quickly quelled) to watch an extended fight scene, but there was enough here that, I felt, honored the rest of the characters. A normal Banshee season finale would be overloaded with action. Particularly at the end. Here, in the show's final episode, the second half was devoted to goodbyes (except for Deva's), and those worked really well. Brock and Kurt talking trust (along with Brock's very Hood-like "Sometimes you gotta take off these badges and get bloody" credo). Carrie and Hood's farewell (complete with sensual, loving flashbacks). And then the "suck my tit" disbanding of the Hood/Job/Sugar trio. Sometimes it's okay to go out with a whimper. READ MORE...

With “Requiem”, Banshee sticks the landing and goes out in style

There aren’t a lot of series finales that feel true to the series before them; in the pursuit of delivering a dramatic, powerful episode that makes A Point, shows often lose their identities in trying to wrap themselves around larger truths, ideas, or conflicts. Maintaining that sense of self while saying goodbye in memorable fashion puts an incredible strain on the creative process of making a finale: it’s why so many series finales often feel lesser than the shows preceding them, even though they reach for larger, inclusive truths and conclusions. "Requiem", Banshee‘s terrific series finale, surprisingly does something much of the season before it had forgotten; in its last hour, it becomes itself again, bringing the series full circle in a handful of powerful ways, delivering as satisfying a finale as it could out of the smoldering remains of this uneven season. READ MORE...

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Review: After a bumpy final season, 'Banshee' goes out with a bang

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‘Banshee’ Showrunner Jonathan Tropper Looks Back on the Show’s Four-Year Journey

The Cinemax series Banshee is currently in its fourth and final season, and ex-con and master thief Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) has found himself immersed in a new crisis, involving a vicious serial murderer. After having cut himself off from everyone and everything for two years, Hood returns to find a very different Banshee than he left, and the friends he turned his back on may not be so welcoming about having him back. During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, showrunner Jonathan Tropper talked about focusing on character moments in the final season, why they’re ending the show with four seasons, why Lucas Hood is a man without a name, how the serial killer storyline came about, Job and Lucas’ friendship, Kai Proctor’s need for control, storyline regrets, the show’s hardest death, and what he’s most proud of with the show. He also talked about his next show for Cinemax, called Warrior, which is about the Tong Wars in 1870s Chinatown in San Francisco. Be aware that there are some spoilers. READ MORE...

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Banshee "Only One Way A Dogfight Ends" Review: Fired Up

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Banshee "Job" Review: The Prisoner's Dilemma

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